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Hanwha Advanced Materials

Founded in 1965, Hanwha Advanced Materials is operating businesses in areas of lightweight composite materials & molded parts for automobiles, high-functional films for mobile display, and high-efficiency film materials for solar power plants. Our company vision also defines: “A high-tech materials company that protects the values of humanity and the environment.” With our innovative line of products and technologies, we have built local production and R&D networks in South Korea, the US, Europe, and China. Our sales in global markets continue to rise.

Since entering the automotive materials business in 1986, we have launched diverse products in interior and exterior materials for automobiles. We now offer distinctive technologies in high-strength, super-lightweight materials for automotive parts. We also produce lightweight composite materials for automotive parts, such as GMT, LWRT, EPP, SMC, and LFT, and other automotive parts using these materials. Among the materials, StrongLite (glass fiber mat-reinforced thermoplastic, GMT) and SuperLite (lightweight reinforced thermoplastic, LWRT) rank at the top of their categories in global market share. We are a major supplier to global automakers, including Hyundai, Kia, BMW, Volkswagen, GM, Ford, and Toyota. As a global automotive parts supplier, we operate manufacturing corporations in Alabama and Virginia in the US, Beijing and Shanghai in China, and in the Czech Republic and Germany. In order to actively respond to the needs of global automakers for parts standardization and global sourcing, we plan to increase our number of overseas corporations to more than 10 by 2020. To help keep abreast of converging trends of the automotive and IT industries, we have joined the Automobile Convergence Alliance. We continue to focus on establishing a technological competitive edge by further reducing weight and simplifying automotive electronics.

Our Lightweight Composite Materials Center, which opened in 2015, leads research on thermoplasticity for automobiles, thermosetting composite materials, and on designing and developing new applications. We develop new materials offering improved functionality, including innovative hybrids of plastic and different materials. We also create new methods of construction to lead the trend toward lighter-weight materials and car electronics—important downstream business areas for us. We are also expanding our market share by developing products for solar power and electronics, along with materials for next-generation mobile communications, the Internet of Things, and solar power efficiency.

In 2003, we made a bold entrance into the electronics materials business with the mass production of LinkTron (flexible copper clad laminate, FCCL). With this independent production of FCCL materials, we have greatly improved the competitiveness of South Korea’s electronics industry. Now we are expanding into manufacturing circuit materials for automotive electronics. In addition, we have developed SenseTron (ITO film), a vital material for touch-screen panels, based on our world-class coating technology.

We have also built a leadership role in EVA sheets and back sheets for photovoltaic modules, using our sheet production technologies refined over 30 years. In 2010, we developed independent technologies in EVA sheets, a key material for the solar power industry. The quality of our sheets has been acknowledged by major solar power module suppliers in South Korea, China, Europe, and Japan. Back sheets are used to extend the service life of solar power modules, and we have also enhanced their functionality to help improve module output.

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