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Hanwha Energy

Hanwha Energy specializes in comprehensive energy solutions that produce high-quality electricity and steam. Advanced technology is at the core of who we are and the means by which we are able to develop forward- looking energy solutions for distributed energy sources.

Established in 2007, Hanwha Energy is a comprehensive energy solutions company. We operate cogeneration plants that provide a stable supply of high-quality electricity and ultra-high- pressure steam to companies in national industrial complexes in South Korea. By providing readily available power, our plants improve the competitive advantage of our off-takers. Our energy solutions consistently comply with South Korean government requirements for energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. Our relentless pursuit to improve our technology gives us the means to continuously improve our existing solutions and at the same time, seek new ones.

To build sustainable growth, we are diversifying our energy business and building businesses overseas in solar power generation, O&M business, system solutions, and more. In Japan, we’ve begun operating several solar power plants with a combined capacity of 105MW. One of the plants is a 24.5MW solar power plant located in Ōita and another is a 31.5MW solar power plant in Kyushu, one of largest of its kind in Japan. We also operate a 31.7MW solar power plant among others in Turkey. In India, we run a 50MW plant. The solar power plants currently under construction in Japan are approximately 95MW. Plans to expand further are already underway. In the US, we signed more than 1GW PPAs through our local subsidiary across several locations, including Texas and Nevada. Commercial operations are expected to begin soon.

To efficiently operate and systematically maintain renewable assets, we’ve established an O&M business that uses our Hanwha Energy Integrated System (HEIS) as its base. Our O&M services help to ensure stable profits for our customer’s assets through improved performance, maximum productivity, and efficiency. As a result, our O&M business has grown to become the No. 1 renewable O&M provider in South Korea and is now one of the main pillars of our renewable energy business.

In addition, we are expanding our energy system solutions with our smart energy business model. In December 2017, we built a 19MWh solar energy connected Energy Storage System (ESS) in Saemangeum, South Korea. We are using ESS to take advantage of the discount on the retail electricity rate and achieve peak savings at factories and buildings in South Korea. Going forward, we plan to implement our energy solutions for distributed energy sources, such as ESS and microgrids in other countries, including Japan, the US, and in Europe.

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