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Hanwha Galleria

Founding in 1976 in South Korea, Hanwha Galleria has specialized in retail services with great focus on department stores. We operate other retail businesses including online malls, global brand direct sourcing, and the retail of exclusive brands.

Currently, we have five stores (including the store of Hanwha Galleria Timeworld, a subsidiary of Hanwha Galleria) across Korea in major cities of Seoul, Suwon, Cheonan, Daejeon, and Jinju. Our Galleria Luxury Hall in Seoul is South Korea’s preeminent department store, featuring the world’s leading luxury brands. The Luxury Hall East offers high-end luxury brands with unique values while the other side of the building, the Luxury Hall West, showcases global fashion trends, fine dining, and premium services.

Together, the Galleria department stores offer an unparalleled suite of upscale shopping experiences. They carry distinctive brands and follow local fashion trends while also offering a food culture that is sure to satisfy every discerning taste. Individually, each department store offers its own differentiated experiences tailored to the needs of local customers segments. Each store also maintains a solid No. 1 position among department stores in the region.

In 2020, we will open our 6th Galleria department store in Gwanggyo, Suwon, as part of our department store business expansion to meet growing demands. By relying on our rich experience and capabilities in operating luxury department stores, the Gwanggyo store will attract customers by featuring favorite brands and enhanced convenient services. As a growth engine for Hanwha Galleria, the Gwanggyo store is slated to become the flagship landmark in Gyeonggi-do, along with a convention center, hotel, and multiuse building in the luxury complex.

Our vision is to be the No. 1 premium content producer. To this end, Hanwha Galleria will offer unparalleled values that no other retailer can provide.

We’ve already begun by enhancing our merchandising with better lifestyle products and offering more services dedicated to VIP customers. Our department store division is stocking the best high-end brands, Galleria-only brands and making them available in exclusive stores and environments our customers have come to expect. And going forward, we’ll look more to sustainable business models for the rapidly changing landscape.

Our goal is to deliver the highest-quality service in the industry. Going digital is one path we’re taking; the other is continuing our investment in our current business with renovations and new store openings. This way, as we pursue our vision, we’ll continue our constant growth streak.

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