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Hanwha Solutions Galleria Division was merged with Hanwha Solutions in April 2021 to enhance its business competitiveness and maximize management efficiency. Our vision is to become the No. 1 premium content producer. To this end, we will offer leading trends and unique customer experiences that no other retailer can provide.

Since its 1976 founding in South Korea, the Galleria Division has specialized in retail services with a strong focus on department stores. We also operate other retail businesses, including global brand direct sourcing, the retail of exclusive brands, and Food & Beverage.

Currently, we have five stores across Korea in major cities of Seoul, Suwon (Gwanggyo), Cheonan, Daejeon, and Jinju. Together, the Galleria department stores offer an unparalleled suite of upscale shopping experiences. They carry distinctive brands and follow local fashion trends, while also offering a food culture that is sure to satisfy every discerning taste. Our Galleria Luxury Hall in Seoul is South Korea’s preeminent department store, featuring the world’s leading luxury brands.

The Luxury Hall East offers high-end luxury brands with unique values while the other side of the building, the Luxury Hall West, showcases global fashion trends, fine dining, and premium services.

The Galleria Gwanggyo, the largest of the five department stores operated by the Galleria Division, represents a new paradigm in nature-friendly multicultural shopping complexes. Hanwha Galleria Timeworld, a subsidiary of Hanwha Solutions, primarily oversees the Galleria Timeworld department store located in the metropolitan city of Daejeon. Galleria Timeworld specializes in luxury fashion brands from around the world and boasts the highest level of customer convenience combined with its reputation as the premier luxury shopping destination in the region.

Our fashion business focuses mainly on the retail of exclusive brands and stores. We direct-source from global luxury fashion houses, such as Italy’s Stefano Ricci, France’s Fauré Le Page, Germany’s luxury skin care brand NOESA and Fred Segal – lifestyle retailer from the US. Our collection of select premium brands and our ability to source the most exclusive fashion brands are unmatched in the markets we operate – it’s our competitive advantage that enables us to continually expand our footprint. We operate Korea’s high-end fashion boutiques, such as G.STREET 494 and G. STREET 494 HOMME, making us a leading fashion company and consistently the first to introduce the world's latest trends in our industry.

Galleria Division’s F&B business continues to raise its brand value by promoting the GOURMET 494 brand. GOURMET 494 is the first grocerant in Korea that organically combines the convenience of a high-end grocery with a restaurant. It delivers the highest level of gastronomy where customers can shop and eat in one communal setting. We are also developing a variety of GOURMET 494 private brand products that are made with carefully curated ingredients in collaboration with gourmet restaurants. We’re recognized for high quality and our brand products were the highest ranked in the private brand category of department stores by the Korea Brand Power Index (K-BPI) in 2020.

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