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Hanwha General Chemical

Hanwha General Chemical was the first company in South Korea to localize production of purified terephthalic acid (PTA). We’re maintaining our No. 1 domestic market share while exporting our process technology to enter into new businesses.

Hanwha General Chemical was established in 1974 before being acquired by the Hanwha Group in 2015. It was the first company in South Korea to localize production of purified terephthalic acid (PTA), a primary component in many types of polyester. PTA is used in clothing, industrial fibers, film, and paint. The applications for PTA are expanding dramatically.

Today, our annual PTA production of two million tons, makes us No. 1 in both production capacity and market share in South Korea. Our experience and technology are recognized worldwide. We have leveraged many years of our expertise and applied our PTA processing technology—technology that we’ve proven since 2010 in the Middle East.

And since joining the Hanwha Group, we have become more globally competitive by creating synergies with chemical affiliates and diversifying our markets through innovative management and sales practices.

In June 2017, we established Hanwha Solar Power to serve as a growth engine for our PV business and to advance our mid- to long-term growth beyond our single PTA business. In 2021, we also acquired Power Systems Mfg., LLC (PSM), an American company, and Ansaldo Thomassen B.V (ATH) of the Netherlands, which possesses hydrogen combustion technologies. Based on this, we partnered with Korea Western Power to demonstrate hydrogen combustion technology.

Today, Hanwha General Chemical is working hard to promote and invest in hydrogen energy to create a hydrogen economy ecosystem. At the same time, to be more globally competitive, we’re working to improve our PTA-related technologies and develop related businesses in the value chain we have built over the last 40 years.

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