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Yeochun NCC

YEOCHUN NCC operates the world's leading naphtha-cracking facility in the Yeosu National Industrial Complex, located on the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula. Established in 1999 from the merger of naphtha-cracking facilities owned by Hanwha and Daelim, their fifty-fifty joint venture annually produces 1.95 million tons of ethylene, 1.11 million tons of propylene, and 5.31 million tons of various petrochemical feedstocks, including benzene, toluene, xylene, styrene monomer, and butadiene.

YeoChun NCC

With fully automated and optimized production processes producing high-purity feedstocks, this state-of-the-art facility gives Hanwha affiliates a competitive edge as they produce high-quality downstream petrochemical products.

With our forward-looking production facilities and large-scale production capacity, we continue to grow every year by relying on our advanced management system, sound financial structure, and solid partnerships with customers. Our professional and highly skilled employees effectively combine industry expertise with cutting-edge technology, truly making our workforce a key differentiator.

Supported by steady flow of investments, product specialization, facility expansion, and business focus, we have become a leading Naphtha Cracking Center (NCC) company in Korea. Internationally, by building on our topnotch capabilities, we are becoming a world-class petrochemical company.

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