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Hanwha Engineering & Construction Revitalizes Iraq with the Successful Inauguration of Bismayah City

September 6, 2016

Hanwha E&C is continuing its legacy of successes across the globe, with the New Bismayah City project in the Bismayah region, southeast of Baghdad. At 1,830 hectares, not only is the scale of the project unprecedented but also it is the most ambitious civil infrastructure project in Iraq’s history. The cost of the project is estimated to top $10.1 billion and Hanwha has committed to building 100,000 residential units for 600,000 households. Hanwha will also build the necessary infrastructure including the streets, water & sewage treatment plants, electric grids, power lines, education centers, and public facilities in the new City of Bismayah. When completed, the new City will consist of 8 towns, 59 street blocks and 834 apartment complexes.

The New Bismayah City project is the first preplanned civil works by the Iraqi government’s National Housing Program. Once complete, the Iraqi government plans to expand the site to house up to a million households. The new City of Bismayah is more than a construction project, it serves as a tangible symbol of a nation reborn - a new Iraq emerging optimistically into the future. And it has also become the testament to the recovery of the nation that is widely supported by the Iraqi people.

The New Bismaya City

The New Bismayah City Represents a New Chapter in the Rebuilding of Iraq

Picture this: as you drive south down Baghdad-Kut Highway, you look to your left to find your vision overwhelmed by Iraq’s historic City gradually but surely unveiling its architectural grandeur. The City will seemingly expand as you briskly continue down the highway - residential units speeding by, barely visible at a glance but moving like dominoes as your eyes try desperately to keep pace. They have begun to utilize the city’s equally new civil works from water & sewage treatment plants to schools and other public facilities.

Bismayah city adopted the efficient project delivery system ‘Design-Build’ a method in which a single contractor is responsible for the entire project from design to procurement – in this case, 100,000 residential units and infrastructure.

The primary structural system used in ‘Design-Build’ method for the Bismayah City project was Precast Concrete (PC) where segments are pieced together like giant Lego blocks to expedite construction. Also known as the PC method, this construction technique involves the delivery of pre-built, standardized high-quality materials such as walls, pillars, and stairs directly to the construction site. Assembling the components on-site guarantees faster construction, cost efficiency and greater quality control than conventional methods. By applying effective construction techniques, Hanwha E&C could build residential units for a number of other projects including the one in Libya. Hanwha was able to source PC for the building of Bismayah city, from its own PC Plant – the largest PC plant in the world – and from its 17 additional construction factories.

Precast Concrete Plant

Trust and Loyalty - the Secret to Hanwha’s Success in Bismayah

While many foreign firms left Iraq in 2014 as civil wars erupted and deteriorated constructions nation-wide, Hanwha E&C stood out as the exception. It successfully implemented effective security measures to allow the company to build and serve the needs of Iraq and its people. Hanwha E&C’s security team worked closely with the Iraqi military and specialized police forces to protect the construction site. Simultaneously, the company reached out to the nearby community, investing heavily to build positive relationships with the local residents. It worked.

Hanwha E&C’s success in the new city project can also be attributed to its ‘On Schedule’ mindset—the company’s unyielding commitment to abide to a set schedule. Hanwha E&C’s steady pace of construction and resolve, impressed the Iraqi nationals; thus, beginning the foundation of trust between Hanwha, the Iraqi people and the government. And as the teams’ commitment to the construction for the people continued, unwavering amidst the risks and dangers, it fostered loyalty among the people.

The success of the Bismayah project signifies Hanwha E&C as a global leader of new city planning and development. Hanwha seeks to be equally heralded as a trusted partner among the people whose lives it enriches, as it has for the people of Iraq. And in so doing, Hanwha E&C will remain true to its commitment to trust and loyalty.