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Hanwha Q CELLS, Promoting Sustainable Solar Energy with R&D Leadership

December 29, 2014

Hanwha Q CELLS’ Reiner-Lemoine-Research Center

Hanwha Q CELLS, emerging as the No.1 solar cell manufacturer in the world through organizational integration with Hanwha SolarOne¹, has been opening up new possibilities for the solar energy business while pioneering unexplored fields on the strengths of its world leading R&D capacity and technologies.

The company has turned polluted and disaster-stricken areas, such as US superfund sites and Japan’s Fukushima into spaces for eco-friendly renewable energy. Now, it has started to develop solar modules suitable for the Sun-belt regions such as desert and tropical areas together with the Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics(CSP), an institute specializing in solar power and located in Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany.

¹ The deal was closed in February 2015.

Unlocking the Sun-belt: Hanwha Q CELLS Pioneers the Untapped Land of Solar Power

Together with the Fraunhofer CSP, the company will undertake cooperative R&D efforts to develop solar modules and new materials which can stably produce electricity in the Sun-belt region, one of its major future markets, by overcoming many difficulties such as high temperature, high humidity, deserts and tropical heatwaves etc.

The R&D project is the result of consultation between the Korean government and German’s Sachsen-Anhalt state government in a bid to strengthen the Korea-Germany cooperation in renewable energies. Hanwha Q CELLS was invited to participate in the project in recognition of its outstanding leadership in technology. In addition, Hanwha Advanced Materials, another affiliate of Hanwha’s integrated solar value chain, would participate in a study for solar module backsheets.

PV opportunity in the Sun-belt Region

Hanwha Q CELLS’ Passion for Research and Development

Hanwha Q CELLS’ leadership in technology is recognized internationally. After it was awarded six awards such as “Best Product of 2011”, “Innovation”, “Ecology”, “High Quality”, “Design”, and “Most Innovative Brand” in the Plus X Awards by the 134 international juries, the company was selected as “TOP Brand PV” by EuPD, Germany’s leading market intelligence company in 2014. It is also one of the leading PV brands in Europe according to EuPD Research European PV Installer Monitor 2014/2015©, an independent study among more than 750 European installers. Hanwha Q CELLS has been graded on an excellent scale in comparison to other manufacturers.

Hanwha Q CELLS is a solar module manufacturer who successfully participated in the Quality Tested program of the German independent certification institute VDE, the most comprehensive quality program of the industry. The company operates its own VDE-certified testing laboratory and tests its products under extreme conditions such as hail showers and desert heat. The outstanding Q CELLS quality “Engineered in Germany” has been proven by the 2013 PHOTON yield measurement: the Q.PRO solar module of Hanwha Q CELLS completed this full year test as the best polycrystalline solar module among over 150 modules in the test.

Hanwha Q CELLS Won in the Plus X Awards, EuPD, and PHOTON

High Opinion about Hanwha Q CELLS’ Outstanding Leadership in Technology Is Not a Coincidence

Together with its largest technology center and research institution in the solar sector, more than 200 scientists and engineers as well as 16 climate-control laboratories and the world’s largest module testing center equipped with modern laboratory equipment have laid a foundation for Hanwha Q CELLS to secure the best technological prowess in the industry.

As a result, multiple technological innovations and current industry standards in the photovoltaics industry were developed and set at Hanwha Q CELLS: its engineers developed the 6-inch solar cell, the 3-busbar layout and the full-square monocrystalline solar cell, to name a few. Furthermore, the 19.5% efficiency rate of its Q.ANTUM cell technology is recognized as the best in the world.

Also, as a member of the Hanwha’s integrated solar value chain, Hanwha Q CELLS has equipped stronger manufacturing power by expanding its R&D scope, from the areas of cells and modules into the entire parts of the solar business, including raw materials and construction.

Hanwha’s integrated solar value chain

Solar energy is eco-friendly and safe, as well as the most consistent energy source which can potentially be supplied to the entire 6.5 billion people on the Earth. In order to provide an equal amount of energy for all the people, Hanwha is determined to help make the Earth more sustainable with its leadership in R&D and technologies.