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Hanwha Q CELLS Reaffirms its Commitment to Green Energy Leadership at GGGW 2016

September 12, 2016

Hanwha Q CELLS’ booth at GGGW 2016

Hanwha Q CELLS was a prominent participant in the Global Green Growth Week 2016 (GGGW 2016) which took place from September 5th to 9th, at the ICC Jeju in Korea. The company shared its vision for the future alongside information about its latest achievements as a global leader in the green energy business. Hanwha Q CELLS Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Dong Kwan Kim delivered a keynote speech at the Asian Regional Policy Dialogue (ARPD) while modules featuring the company’s exciting Q.ANTUM technology were showcased throughout the week.

GGGW is an annual international forum co-hosted by Global Green Growth Summit (GGGS), the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), the World Bank, the OECD and UNEP. It aims to serve as a knowledge sharing platform to promote green growth and consists of various events including the Asian Regional Policy Dialogue and Green Growth Fair and Technology Exhibit.

On September 7th, CCO Dong Kwan Kim opened the special session of ARPD with a keynote address titled, “Innovation in Battery and Energy Storage Technologies”. He discussed the approaching energy revolution which will be driven by the convergence of solar power and energy storage systems (ESS). Mr. Kim emphasized that this shift in the energy paradigm will fundamentally change the lives of everyone on the planet.

“Existing business models have been built on either solar power or ESS, treating these as completely separate entities.” said Mr. Kim. “However, combining solar and ESS will bring a major paradigm shift in the industry which will fundamentally reshape the way we live.”

During his speech, Mr. Kim stated, “the vast majority of electricity is still produced by fossil fuels, but by 2040, we are estimating that renewable energy including solar and the wind will become a much larger portion while the total energy generation will be almost tripled in the next 25 years. I think this trend shift toward ESS is going to have a very significant impact in three main fields; Greener Planet, Cost Efficiency, and Transportation System.”

Mr. Kim also predicted that “Renewable energy such as solar energy combined with ESS is driving an energy revolution that is apart from what we’ve seen within the 1st and 2nd energy industrial revolution. And I’m confident that we are standing at a technological point where such energy revolution is taking place where our generation is going to be the 1st generation that is going to be living through the current energy revolution.”

Hanwha Q CELLS is participating in the Green Growth Fair and Technology Exhibit, displaying its advanced monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar modules. The Q.PLUS series of polycrystalline modules have won international recognition for their world record efficiency of 19.5%.