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Hanwha's Life-Enhancing Contributions

July 8, 2014

Providing Aid to Children Around the World

Source: UNICEF

Source: UNICEF

“One child dies every three seconds because of malnutrition.
Out of 6.9 billion people in the world, 1 billion suffer from obesity.”

Hanwha is determined to help bring change to this social imbalance and resolve this painful reality.

Small Actions, Big Results

Hanwha believes that the key to solving the worldwide problem of starvation lies within the willingness of people to help others. Jointly operated by UNICEF and Hanwha Group, the “Dish for Children” campaign aims to contribute to the enhancement of the unfortunate children in the world.

The “Dish for Children” campaign will provide low-calorie menu items in the cafeterias of 14 Hanwha affiliate companies every Wednesday, serving a total of 40,000 employees. Every time an employee orders from the low-calorie menu, 30 cents will be donated to a fund to send what is known as “Plumpy Nut” to developing countries where children suffer from malnourishment. The Plumpy Nut has been made to be consumed without a cooking process and just three bags a day can save a child from malnutrition.

“I am relieved knowing that I am able to save a starving child whenever I eat a meal on Wednesday.”
- Employee, Hanwha Group

2 low-calorie items = 1 Plumpy Nut donated (Source: UNICEF)

2 low-calorie items = 1 Plumpy Nut donated (Source: UNICEF)

Walking Together as One

“More can be achieved when the masses take action as one. The “Dish for Children” campaign is in alignment with Hanwha’s “Further Together” social contribution philosophy. Our aim is to give hope to the precious young lives by passionately participating in the campaign.”
- Hong Won-Ki, CEO of Hanwha Hotel & Resort

Through its “Further Together” philosophy, Hanwha wishes to contribute to the well-being of the global community and be a part of life-enhancing initiatives that will improve the world as a whole.