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Heritage, Hospitality and Hanwha

July 4, 2014

The Allure of Korea

A stay at THE PLAZA is so much more than a comfortable bed and a good night’s sleep. It is the crossroads of luxury and inspiration. Whether your interests lie in culture, fine art, entertainment or gastronomy, you can be sure that your stay at THE PLAZA will exceed your expectations.

The curtains have been raised for Korean tourism and the stage is clearly visible, spanning nationwide from Seoul to Jeju and across borders throughout Asia.

It would be difficult to imagine Korean tourism without thinking of Hanwha Group, which has been delivering top of class leisure services for the past 35 years. With THE PLAZA luxuriously located in Seoul and the history of Silla in Gyeongju, to the beautiful seaside Hanwha Resort in Busan and awe-inspiring aquarium in Aqua Planet Jeju, Hanwha offers an array of leisure options.

Seoul - Showtime in the City

Seoul - Showtime in the City

Stepping onto the global stage, Seoul has been placed in the spotlight, showcasing itself as a dynamic city with a multifaceted experience. From entertainment to luxury hotels to high-end sporting, Hanwha Group delivers the vibrant lifestyle of Seoul to those who seek it.

THE PLAZA, in central Seoul, emerged as an icon for luxury hotels when world renowned Italian interior designer Guido Ciompi re-designed the hotel. Guests of the THE PLAZA will be swept away by the sensational view of the City Hall Square and the impressive hotel interior which has been awarded numerous times.

The Korea Times named THE PLAZA as the Best Brand Hotel for the Luxury Boutique category in 2012[1]. CNN Travel labeled the hotel as one of “Seoul’s Coolest Luxury Hotels[2].” Recognized for its advanced services tailored to business travelers, such as automated guestroom system, free wireless internet and a 24 hour IT butler, THE PLAZA was listed as one of the “Top 25 Business Hotels” in “Best Asian Travel Brands 2013” by Smart Travel Asia, Asia’s only dedicated online travel magazine.

It is without a doubt that luxury and entertainment will always be a mainstay attraction for those who visit Seoul. Korea’s most iconic building, Hanwha’s 63 Building, has expanded its influence into the realm of entertainment by adding an indoor aquarium as well as a concert hall.

Further, Hanwha is catering to those who wish to indulge in the life of premium shopping through its luxury retailer, Galleria. To experience the latest trends, enjoy a day of shopping at the Galleria, a place that truly embodies the premium lifestyle.

Seoul is a place bursting with energy, filled with various Hanwha Group attractions that demonstrate the dynamics of a city that is shaping the trends of Asia and the world beyond. With the popularization of Psy’s hit song Gangnam Style, Seoul has been portrayed in a refreshing way.

In the music video, Psy performs his signature horse dance quite fittingly in a stable, which, also worth noting, belongs to the Royal Saddle Equestrian Society. Located in Gyeonggi-do, Ilsan, the club was opened to the general public in 2010 to allow the public to experience the joys of European horseback riding.

If a leisurely stroll is desired, then a walk through the European-styled Jade Garden is recommended. Located in the suburbs of Seoul, a walk through the garden is reminiscent of the romantic love shared on set by main characters of the Korean TV series, That Winter, The Wind Blows.

It is through this diverse network of venues and attractions that allows Hanwha to provide a dynamic experience to anyone who visits Seoul. Through Hanwha’s unwavering, continuous efforts, Seoul has become the place to visit to simultaneously enjoy relaxation, high-end sporting and luxurious shopping.

Gyeongju – A Weekend with the Queen

Gyeongju – A Weekend with the Queen

In Gyeongju, the City of a Thousand Years, the spirit of Queen Seondeok is forever embedded. Descendants of the Silla dynasty cultivate the land to this day, with ancient tombs and ruins located throughout various parts of the city. One can gain closer access to the deep heritage of the City of a Thousand Years with a visit to the Silla Millennium Park. The film set of Queen Seondeok is preserved as a theme park where visitors can feel closer to the Queen. Hwarangs, the protectors of the ancient kingdom, gallop on horses hitting targets using swords, spears and staffs.

Staying at the Hanwha Resort Gyeongju will allow visitors to feel as though they have been taken back in time to the era of the Silla dynasty. The resort offers a deep connection with the Silla dynasty by providing guests with heritage-rich, cultural courses hand-picked and thoroughly led by Silla era specialists.

Save the best for last and complete the journey to Silla by diving into Gyeongju Springdome. Natural mineral water is drawn from 750 meters below the Earth, with water facilities replicating the ancient legends of Silla. With Hanwha Group’s diverse portfolio of attractions, the heritage of Gyeongju merges with modern culture to attract a new generation of visitors.

Blending the past with present, Hanwha strives to accommodate visitors hoping to experience Gyeongju in its truest form. Whether it’s a family, a working professional or an international fan of Korean culture, Hanwha is leading the way to provide a full spectrum of Gyeongju’s heritage.

Busan – Lights. Camera. Busan.

Busan – Lights. Camera. Busan.

Busan ascended as the film city of Asia through the ever-growing presence of the Busan International Film Festival. Celebrating its 18th anniversary in 2013, the Busan International Film Festival has established itself as the most influential film market in Asia, drawing the attention of prominent actors who are praised both domestically as well as overseas.

And it doesn’t stop there. The sea, the backdrop of the night and the cityscape are exceptionally glamorous and serve as a popular setting for movies and TV series.

Busan’s hallmark, Gwangan Bridge has appeared in over 25 movies and as the hometown of the characters in the Korea TV series, Golden Time. In response to the growing popularity of Busan as a film city, Hanwha Resort Haeundae Tivoli began to offer Busan City Tour packages that guide guests through the extensive settings of movies and TV series.

Tours are customized to the tastes of tourists, offering the Taejongdae course, the nightscape course or even the Busan Station course. Hanwha Resort plays the part of friendly film city tour guide but also introduces the history and culture of Busan in a more respectable manner.

The resort is conveniently located within the vicinity of the Haeundae beachfront and the Gwangan Bridge which helps to provide these scenic city tours. And a walk along the Dalmaji Road, near the Hanwha Resort Haeundae Tivoli, will surely please the palette with a visit to one of the many restaurants with reputable chefs.

Hanwha Resort not only takes on the role of a guide through the film city, but also acts as the bridge that connects visitors to the film culture of Busan. The combination of Haeundae Beach, Oryukdo Islet and the Gwangan Bridge makes for the perfect location for Hanwha Resort to act as a central hub for the city.

Jeju – Vacation Romance

Jeju – Vacation Romance

Venture off to a special destination even the locals love. The southern-most island of Jeju can be an exotic place where romance is pursued and an adventurous spirit is brought to life.

Take a romantic stroll along the Seopjikoji coast, a popular destination famous for the flowers that paint the hills yellow during the spring. This exotic coastal cliff was the very location used as the set for the filming of the acclaimed Korean TV series, All In.

Likewise, the Halla Mountains remind visitors of scenes from a strengthening relationship like that between the lovely couple in the TV series, My Lovely Sam-Soon.

Taking a stroll through the Aqua Planet Jeju, one cannot help but find love. A mainstay attraction, and also Asia’s largest indoor aquarium, Aqua Planet replicates the jade waters of Jeju where visitors can be a part of the jaw-dropping viewing experience of the Jeju marine ecosystem.

Leave the ocean behind and head to the mountains. Hanwha Resort Jeju, facing the rolling hills of the Halla Mountain, can be best way to experience the natural woods of Jeju. Enjoy a romantic vacation at one of Hanwha’s many attractions and indulge in the natural beauty of Jeju.

Whether one seeks a romantic connection with the natural beauty of Jeju or whether one seeks a soothing vacation with a round of golf and resort spa, Hanwha paves the way for Jeju’s top of class vacationing by offering the healing and relaxation that is sought after by all visitors.


Korea and Beyond

Korea and Beyond

Hanwha has integrated hospitality, shopping, healing and heritage to produce a superb assortment of leisure services. Having built up 35 years of know-how, Hanwha is now extending its expertise beyond Korea.

Currently, Hanwha operates Saipan World Resort and the Japan Ocean Palace Golf Club, and operates China Tainlun Condo, Malaysia CHHB Resort, and Prince Hotel & Resort through partners in the region.

In 2013, Hanwha had the great honor of being selected as the managing company of China Nanchang Aquarium.

Hanwha’s various attractions are becoming international landmarks by acting as the vehicle that displays the beauty of Korea through television series, variety shows and documentaries. This is not a success story that happened overnight. In-depth industry analysis and understanding customer demands helped shape new ideas that would offer a more sophisticated, differentiated service.

Hanwha’s Leisure & Lifestyle businesses are constantly growing and continue to create innovative ways to improve customer experiences.