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Hanwha Builds Primary School of Hope in Uganda

April 13, 2011

Students in Muyagu Primary School

Hanwha Group made an incredible contribution to the Muyagu Primary School in Uganda’s Kachonaga region, building seven classrooms, five bathrooms and a house for teachers. Before Hanwha’s support, 500 students at Muyagu Primary School had to study under trees to avoid the rain and teachers had to walk more than seven kilometers each day to come to school due to the lack of teacher’s housing. During the rainy season (March to May and September to November) there were many days when students could not study.

"We are so happy now we can study even in a raining day!"
- students from Muyagu Primary School

Additionally, there were only two bathrooms for all of the students and no clean water to wash or drink. This resulted in students avoiding school.

To improve this educational environment, Hanwha worked with World Vision to build necessary facilities. The governor of Butaleja and the principal of this primary school were deeply touched with Hanwha’s action and expressed sincere gratitude. They promised to provide a good education to the students.

Since 2008, Hanwha has been supporting underdeveloped Africa regions to fulfill its social responsibility as a global company. The company conducted provided development support in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda to improve quality of life for local residents.

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