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Hanwha Chemical, First in the Chemical Industry to Achieve Carbon Trust Standard (CTS) Global Certification

August 8, 2013

Hanwha Chemical (President Han-Hong Bang) received the first Carbon Trust Standard (CTS), an international carbon energy management assessment system, within the domestic chemical industry.

CTS is a global certification system of authority which was first enforced in 2008 by Carbon Trust, the international climate change consulting firm. The certification is given to firms that demonstrate excellent climate change initiatives such as establishing energy management systems and reducing greenhouse gas emission. Over 800 global firms, like Siemens and Toyota, have achieved the certification worldwide. Domestically, seven firms other than Hanwha Chemical have been certified, including Samsung Electronics, KEPCO, S-OIL, and Hyundai Engineering & Construction.

Hanwha Chemical has continued to take part in energy conservation since the early 2000s. In 2012, greenhouse gases were reduced by 3% with the construction of Hanwha-Greenhouse Gas Emission & Energy Management System (H-GEMS). Through this initiative, Hanwha Chemical met the carbon management assessment criteria and was granted certification. Since 2009, Hanwha Chemical has been participating in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) with firms from over 60 other countries and in 2011, was selected as a top firm. This year, Hanwha will further its role in innovative energy saving activities by partaking in projects such as ‘IT based Energy Service Company (ESCO) pilot project’ run by the Minister of Trade, Industries & Energy as well as take part in the Total Operational Performance (TOP) project.

Ho-Sang Lim, director of Engineering Environment Safety department of Hanwha Chemical stated, “The CTS certification demonstrates the fact that chemical firms can actually become environmentally friendly” and also added, “Hanwha Chemical will do its best to lead the way for establishing environmentally friendly green management systems within the domestic chemical industry and ascend as a global chemical firm.”