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Hanwha Energy Extends Its Reach Across the Pacific with Hawaii Energy Project

February 7, 2019
  • Hanwha Energy is awarded a major solar energy contract by Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) as part of the state’s efforts to achieve 100% renewable energy generation
  • Contract with HECO secures Hanwha Energy’s foothold in the North American solar energy market, the largest in the world
  • The HECO contract is the largest single project ever for a Korean energy solutions provider
Hanwha Energy was selected for a major solar energy project on the Hawaiian island of Oahu

Hanwha Energy was selected for a major solar energy project on the Hawaiian island of Oahu

In January of 2019, Hanwha Energy was awarded the contract for the Hoohana project, a major solar energy development on the island of Oahu, by Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO). Hanwha Energy will develop, construct, and operate a USD 140 million (KRW 157 billion) solar farm by 2021. Under the terms of the Power Purchase Agreement, Hanwha Energy will operate this 52MW photovoltaic power plant and a 208MWh Energy Storage System (ESS) for 20 years.

The Hoohana project is a part of Hawaii’s initiative to achieve 100% reliance on renewable energy. Six other companies were also selected to work on solar energy projects across Hawaii, including AES, the world’s largest ESS company. Hanwha Energy’s inclusion in this group signals its expanding reach across North America and solidifies its position as a major player in global energy market.

“The convergence of solar power and ESS technology is an innovation that will drive the future of the energy industry,” says Duhyung Ryoo, CEO of Hanwha Energy. “Hanwha Energy will continue to develop and deploy new technologies to become an energy leader not just in Korea, but around the world.”

Hanwha Energy’s solar farm will be centrally located on Oahu

Hanwha Energy’s solar farm will be centrally located on Oahu

Through its subsidiary 174 Power Global Corporation, Hanwha Energy is involved in all aspects of the North American solar energy market – from project financing to power plant operations. 174 Power Global provides clean solar energy to thousands of households by generating 1GW through various Power Purchase Agreements, including the Techren Solar project in Nevada, the Midway Solar project in Texas, and Laguna Solar project in Mexico. 174 Power Global also has 9GW worth of projects currently in development.

Hanwha Energy has an additional 10GW of solar energy projects in the pipeline putting it on a solid trajectory to be the world’s leading solar energy generator by 2020. Concurrently, the company is working to become a comprehensive energy solutions provider by developing and investing in other solar energy-related services including plant Operations & Management and Energy Storage Systems.

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