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Hanwha launches Hanwha Aviation, a new platform for leasing and trading aircraft and engines

May 10, 2024

Hanwha launches Hanwha Aviation, an engine leasing and trading platform with a long-term vertically integrated strategy for next-generation assets

Hanwha will apply its extensive experience and expertise in aero-engines, finance, and asset management to deliver optimized solutions for customers

The company aims to build and manage a portfolio of over 1,000 assets over the next decade, underwritten by its aero-engine strategy

Hanwha Aviation aims to become a premier global aero-leasing platform
Hanwha Aviation aims to become a leading global platform in aero-engine leasing

Hanwha has announced the launch of Hanwha Aviation, an engine leasing platform with a long-term vertically integrated strategy for newer generation assets and operations spanning Singapore, Ireland, and the U.S.


Backed by Hanwha’s extensive experience and expertise in both the manufacturing and the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) of aero-engines, Hanwha Aviation will be ideally positioned to provide flexible and innovative industry solutions for aircraft and engine leasing on a global scale.


“Hanwha Aviation will provide customers and industry partners with a compelling transaction platform for the trading, leasing, and asset management of aero-engines and aircraft,” said Jeff Lewis, CEO of Hanwha Aviation. “Leveraging our vertically integrated approach, we will maintain a full range of engine leasing solutions tailored to our customers’ requirements and reduce the financial costs of their operations.”


With the backing of Hanwha, this new platform has the power to execute both single-asset and large fleet transactions, while minimizing execution risk for leasing customers and trading partners.


In the short term, Hanwha Aviation will focus on expanding its narrowbody engine and aircraft portfolio, with a target of over 1,000 assets within the next 10 years, as the company grows as a premier aviation industry platform for aero-engine leasing.


Meanwhile, Hanwha Aviation representatives are set to participate in the upcoming International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) Asia 2024 conference, to be held in Hong Kong from May 7-9. At ISTAT Asia 2024, Hanwha Aviation will engage with airlines, lessors, and MRO companies to introduce its capabilities and discuss partnerships and business opportunities.


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