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Hanwha Q CELLS and SAMSUNG SDI Will Launch PV Kit Storage Solution Q.HOME for Homeowners

November 5, 2014
  • Q.HOME solution will help cut homeowners' energy bills
  • Convenient and easy solution for homeowners from a single source
  • Reliable generation and consumption of clean energy from the own roof

Hanwha Q CELLS, the largest European PV provider according to shipments in 2014 has teamed up with SAMSUNG SDI to offer in future an integrated PV and storage solution for homeowners interested in installing a self-consumption photovoltaic rooftop system. Q.HOME will be available to customers in Germany from December. Hanwha Q CELLS will launch two Q.HOME kits with the SAMSUNG SDI storage solution. The 4,68 kWp or 6,24 kWp Q.HOME will contain 18 or 24 high-yield Q CELLS Q.PRO-G3 260W modules, the SAMSUNG SDI 3,6 kWh storage system, a one-phase inverter, a mounting system and all the necessary electronic equipment. An east-west orientation option will be also available. Through the new product Q.HOME Hanwha Q CELLS will expand its portfolio as PV solutions provider.

The energy storage solution for Hanwha Q CELLS' Q.HOME Kit will be Samsung SDI's latest 'All-in-One' product launched earlier this year. This Kit will thus comprise products from the top-companies in each sector and enable solar customers to become more energy self-sufficient through the integrated self-consumption solution.

Justin Lee, CCO at Hanwha Q CELLS, said: "Through the cooperation with SAMSUNG SDI, we aim to extend our customer base in the residential module market and solutions segment. Selecting and installing a PV rooftop system can be perceived as complex and time-consuming by many homeowners. With the latest SAMSUNG SDI storage technology and our powerful Q CELLS PV kits we will offer Q.HOME, a convenient and easy solution for homeowners from a single source."

Energy autarchy: homeowners gain greater independence from climbing energy prices

Through Q.HOME the homeowner reduces his dependency on the utility grid and makes a crucial step towards energy autarchy. At the same time, Q.HOME will help homeowners to cut their energy bills and to gain greater independence from climbing energy prices. In concrete terms, for example, a family of 4 with an annual electricity consumption of 4400 kwh can achieve 50 % autarchy as the 6,24 kWp PV plant and the 3,6 kWh SAMSUNG SDI storage system together enable the family to consume 2200 kwh of self-generated electricity per year. The solar energy generated by the residential PV system is fed into the storage system. Through a personal computer and smartphone software both the homeowner and the service expert can have a real-time overview of how much energy remains in the storage system, how many kilowatt-hours are required for the house today and how much electricity has been generated on the roof today.

More and more homeowners are combining a PV plant with a storage solution. The willingness of new photovoltaic customers to invest in storage systems has risen significantly in Germany. About 20 percent of end customers who installed a PV system in 2014 also own a storage solution. This is revealed in the current study from German market research company EuPD Research.

Easy All-In-One package

Hanwha Q CELLS is currently preparing the Q.HOME market introduction in Germany. Stakeholders interested in the Q CELLS SAMSUNG SDI PV storage solution are kindly requested to contact Hanwha Q CELLS' customer service center (Service Hotline: +49 (0)3494 6699-23222, Monday to Friday, 9 am - 5 pm). The PV company will be responsible for the planning and supply of the new PV plant storage combination. The international solar company contracts local energy consultants to assess the size, pitch and orientation of the customer's rooftop. They make an appointment with the homeowners and monitor their roofs. Following the recommendations of the energy consultant, the system is set up by an installer who is connected to the Q CELLS installer network and also responsible for the plant's connection to the grid. Hanwha Q CELLS and SAMSUNG SDI will certify and train installers for the PV kits and the storage solution.

High-quality products complement each other

The easy-to-install SAMSUNG SDI ESS storage system tested by the VDE is an All-In-One solution for homeowners based on a lithium ion battery and was introduced to the market in June 2014. With the storage system homeowners achieve an optimized self-consumption, providing self-generated electricity when it is needed. The component comes with SAMSUNG SDI Monitoring, featuring early fault recognition and reduced maintenance. The technical lifetime amounts to 10 years with only slight loss of capacity. Proper product and service warranties and after sales service for the storage system are available to the end customer.

The "VDE Quality Tested" Q.PRO-G3 modules feature increased cell efficiency and an improved output yield. Q CELLS' Anti PID Technology, Hot-Spot Protect and Traceable Quality Tra.QTM ensure long-term yield security – reaffirmed through strict VDE quality tests. The Q.PRO-G3 module reaches high efficiencies even in low light conditions and features a very good temperature behavior. The modules come with a 12-year product warranty and 25-year linear performance warranty. The module's slim frame design in high-tech alloy results in a module weight of just 19 kg. Nevertheless the Q.PRO-G3 modules withstand high wind and snow loads.

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