Aerospace & Mechatronics

Hanwha Corporation Global Division

Hanwha Corporation Global Division provides chemical technology-based solutions including eco-friendly energy sources.
Our expertise
  • Ammonia production
  • Semiconductor and display materials production
  • Industrial explosives products: Electronic detonators and blasting systems
  • Fireworks
  • Domestic and overseas mining services
  • Petrochemicals, inorganic compounds
  • Eco-friendly energy

By leveraging our extensive operating synergies, business networks and more than seven decades of experience in explosives, Hanwha Corporation Global Division has transitioned into chemical technology-based solutions, effectively meeting the challenges of energy and the environment. 


Our industrial explosives products are essential for a range of construction and resources development. Our experience, knowledge and technology are leading domestic and overseas explosives markets with competitive and quality products supported by stable distribution networks. We also provide electronic detonators and unique blasting systems that provide customers with safe, economical, and efficient blasting solutions. In addition, we operate a fireworks business that lights up the night sky at major national and regional events. 


We are achieving steady revenue in trading by focusing on polymers, monomers and defense products that showcase our sales rights and expertise. Going forward, we will expand our business model into eco-friendly energy sources, such as ammonia and hydrogen. 


We expect to continue efforts to localize next-generation materials, such as silicon gas, a material used for semiconductors and secondary batteries, as well as eco-friendly derivatives that help reduce global warming. By commercializing inorganic compounds, we will secure new growth engines, such as high value-added derivatives using nitric acid and a hydrogen infrastructure.