Aerospace & Mechatronics

Hanwha Corporation

Hanwha Corporation develops high-value-added technologies and innovations to pioneer new businesses.
Our expertise
  • Global Division: Ammonia production, semiconductor and display materials production, industrial explosives products, fireworks, domestic and overseas mining services, petrochemicals, inorganic compounds
  • Momentum Division: Rechargeable battery production equipment, display manufacturing, heat treatments, vacuum deposition processing, ICT, smart factories
  • Engineering & Construction Division: General construction, including complex development and renewable energy, civil engineering, infrastructure, commercial and residential buildings, environmental facilities, industrial and power plants

Hanwha Corporation has been leading the way in domestic explosives and related industries and fortifying the foundation of Hanwha Group since its establishment in 1952. Our experience, knowledge and technology are leading domestic and overseas explosives markets with competitive and quality products supported by stable distribution networks.


Hanwha Corporation Global Division provides chemical technology-based solutions including eco-friendly energy sources.
Hanwha Corporation Global Divison

Hanwha Corporation Global Division has transitioned into chemical technology-based solutions, effectively meeting the challenges of energy and the environment by leveraging our extensive operating synergies, business networks and experience in explosives. Going forward, we will expand our business model into eco-friendly energy sources, such as ammonia and hydrogen.

Hanwha Corporation Momentum Division specializes in cutting-edge factory machinery for engineering solutions.
Hanwha Corporation Momentum Division

As a rapidly growing total engineering solutions provider, Hanwha Corporation Momentum Division is employing deep experience and cutting-edge technology to produce industry-leading, high-value-added machinery and equipment. Leveraging over half a century of manufacturing and technology experience, Hanwha Corporation Momentum Division is making strides in the end-to-end production of rechargeable batteries. 


We’re building the roadmap for next-generation rechargeable battery technologies, from material and electrodes to equipment and assembly, all while developing an AI-based smart factory. 


Hanwha Corporation E&C Division's premium FORENA apartments offer unparalleled value and connectivity to residents.
Premium residential brand FORENA

Hanwha Engineering & Construction Division is a global player, leveraging extensive experience in construction projects and applying new technologies and subject matter expertise across a wide range of projects, from industrial, chemical and power plants to civil engineering works, commercial buildings and more. With the goal of becoming a Green Infrastructure Developer, we are growing into a leader in building eco-friendly energy and environmental facilities as well as large-scale complex developments.


These projects include Bismayah New City — the most extensive urban development in Iraq’s modern history — the completion of the world’s largest domed arena in the Philippines and power and petrochemical plant construction in the Middle East and North Africa. 


In pursuit of net zero, we are fostering future growth engines in wind power and hydrogen, including expansive onshore and offshore wind farm development and the world’s largest industrial byproduct hydrogen fuel cell power plant — the Daesan Industrial Complex.


Hanwha Corporation E&C Division plans to transform Daejeon Station into a premium residential and lifestyle hub.
The eastern part of Daejeon Station development
Hanwha Corporation E&C Division's wind turbine complex paves the way for a sustainable, carbon-free future.
Yeongyang wind power complex