Clean Energy & Ocean Solutions

Hanwha Solutions

Hanwha Solutions Chemical Division R&D Center is committed to developing cutting-edge materials that drive the future.
Our expertise
  • Chemical Division: PO, PVC, CA, TDI, DEHCH, XLPE, hydrogen tanks
  • Qcells Division: Solar cells and modules, energy storage systems, renewable energy downstream projects, retail energy
  • Q ENERGY Division: Greenfield and project development, construction, and operation of green power plants, including photovoltaics, onshore and offshore wind power, energy storage, green hydrogen
  • Insight Division: Renewable energy, city and smart industrial complex development, including logistics, data centers, the K-RE100 initiative, premium real estate, content development

Hanwha Solutions provides a range of solutions in several fields through differentiated technology and innovation. We are growing as a global leader by responding to climate change with smart eco-friendly energy solutions and customer-focused materials. We are committed to enriching the future with sustainable solutions for all. 


The Chemical Division provides strategic materials and solutions to help solve the issues we face today. While sharpening our competitiveness in the petrochemical business, we’re also aligning our portfolio with the global push to net zero. This is why we’re developing next-generation new businesses that focus on energy storage and efficiency as well as electrical, electronics and functional materials.


The Qcells Division is a complete energy solutions provider worldwide. With cutting-edge technology and excellent quality, we are leading the global solar industry by providing the midstream of cells and modules to downstream solar solutions through energy storage systems (ESS), power plants, and energy retail. 


The Q ENERGY Division is an experienced partner to clients across the value chain of renewable energy downstream projects. We provide holistic green energy solutions for renewable power plants in Europe. Our development pipeline consists of approximately 14 gigawatts of green energy projects in Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and the U.K. These include photovoltaic and onshore and offshore wind power as well as large-scale energy storage projects. 


The Insight Division has been recognized as the leading private developer of high-tech industrial complexes. We provide differentiated solutions through comprehensive development and financing for projects such as cities, smart green industrial complexes, renewable energy, premium real estate, and premium content.