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Hanwha Investment & Securities

Hanwha Imvestment & Securities

Hanwha Investment & Securities is a trusted financial investment partner dedicated to providing sources for stable and diversified income even amidst a rapidly changing financial environment in an era of digital transformation.

Established in 1962, Hanwha Investment & Securities provides comprehensive asset management services, including brokerage and acquisition of stocks, bonds, and derivatives, as well as sales and asset management services for various financial products. With our differentiated systems and high-quality talent, we have successfully established ourselves as a reliable asset management partner. Our financial products and customer-oriented services are offered domestically and overseas.

In the ever-changing capital market, we’re grounded by our company policy to listen to our employees, our customers, and to continuously encourage innovations within the organization. We differentiate our services by putting customers first and building customer trust. We have established a stable and diversified income structure with our business portfolios in investment banking, trading, wealth management, and institutional investors. To be able to readily respond to the rapidly changing digital financial environment, we developed unique ways to ensure simpler and more convenient investment experiences for our clients. Our easy-to-use application STEPS displays essential information that is beneficial to starting and experienced or inexperienced investors. We have improved even the intuitive features of our mobile trading system and continue to upgrade others based on customer feedback.

Hanwha Investment & Securities continues to grow its digital financial platform so it can provide differentiated products and services that can respond to digital transformations and trends. In July 2017, we established the Data Analytics Lab, the first Big Data analysis company in the South Korea’s financial investment industry. The Lab conducts research projects on various topics including Big Data analysis and offers general consulting and applications consulting. In April 2019, as part of our efforts to expand our global operations and at the same time secure a new growth engine, we acquired HFT Securities, Vietnam's online stock brokerage company. On December the same year, the company changed its name to PINETREEsecurities. The acquisition of HFT Securities (now PINETREEsecurities) is Hanwha Investment & Securities’ first step to enter Vietnam’s potentially high-growth market and establish a digital financial platform to offer competitive products and services.

Our business motto is“To grow together” with our clients, shareholders, and employees with sustainable products that yield stable profitability. As a trusted and financially stable company with expertise in a range of industries, we are confident we can build a better future for our customers.

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