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Hanwha Power Systems

Hanwha Power Systems launched in 1997 on the strengths of reliable technology and deep experience in gas turbine engines. We grew into a global powerhouse selling more than 4,500 units worldwide. We developed high-quality technology products to build diverse lineups and realize high added value. Our lineup includes: air compressors for industrial processes; fuel gas compressors for power plants; boil-off gas compressors for LNG terminals and plants; and extremely low-temperature compressors, expanders, and LD (low duty)/HD (high duty) compressors for LNG carriers.

Hanwha Power Systems is currently the only South Korean energy equipment manufacturer with the capability to design, produce, and test high-capacity, high-pressure gas compressors with its own technology. Building on its experience in the global energy equipment market, the company is expanding its portfolio to include power generation solutions based on a completely new concept.

In 2011, we entered the gas compressor market and are now the only energy equipment company in South Korea capable of independently designing, producing, and testing large-capacity high-pressure gas compressors. Our high-efficiency compressor and expander provide competitive advantages for our customers with competitive delivery and core components built in-house. In 2013, we launched the world's largest air-cooled turbo compressor SA3100. In 2014, we were contracted to supply the world's first marine VRU (Vapor Recovery Unit) steam recovery turbo compressor. In addition, in 2015, we entered the LD/HD compressor market with a compressor for LNG carriers and solutions for shipbuilders.

In terms of global sales and R&D networks, Hanwha Power Systems is rapidly growing as a global energy equipment company. We are establishing long-term business relationships around the world. We currently have six international sales offices, as well as production facilities in Korea and China, and an R&D center in Houston, Texas. We are accelerating our global development cooperation in the US. Recently, we focused on building closer relationships with key customers in the O&G industry, and we succeeded. In the first half of 2016, we obtained vendor approval for API617 and API672 from Saudi Aramco. We also strengthened our cooperation with GE Oil & Gas by signing MOUs for gas turbine generators and packages.

Our next goal is to become a total energy solutions supplier. To this end, our plan is to strengthen our product portfolio in the compressor business and expand into turbine-related businesses that can support petroleum gas and power generation customers. And recently, we received an order from the US Department of Energy (DOE) for a project related to SCO2 engine development. We are now looking to collaborate with SwRI (Southwest Research Institute) in the US. The SCO2 project is expected to supplant the steam turbine market and become a game changer that creates new markets in the distributed power generation market. In cooperation with KEPCO in 2017, we began to develop a pure oxygen gas turbine, eco-friendly high-efficiency power generation equipment. We expect our collected efforts and accomplishments will propel us to leadership in the eco-friendly power generation solutions market.

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