Social Contribution

Social Contribution

  • Corporate Citizenship

    Using the Hanwha Spirit of “Trust and Loyalty” as a guide, we work hard to establish good relations with our local communities. This is most evident in our philosophy of “Going Further Together,” which we do our best to fulfill through our social impact activities.

  • Talent Development :
    helping people achieve their dreams

    We believe everyone should get the chance to achieve their dreams. That is why we’re engaged in social contribution activities that help others develop their talents and prepare for the moment they may make their dreams come true.

  • Arts and Culture :
    Enriching people’s lives

    People’s lives should be filled with enriching experiences. To facilitate this, we organize many different arts and cultural activities so that people may broaden their horizons and deepen their understanding of the world.

  • Social Contributions :
    Nurturing the spirit of sharing

    From our hearts, we wish to create a world filled with shared values and experiences. Across our global operations, we encourage every Hanwha employee to volunteer for social impact activities and try to brighten the lives of others.

Talent Development

    The DREAMPLUS program helps entrepreneurs get their startups off the ground with funding, mentorship, a workplace, and access to over 300 startup networks.

    Since 2014, DREAMPLUS has invested approximately KRW 700 billion in startups, assigning 120 billion won to a domestic fund designed to foster them, and KRW 600 billion to a fund aimed to support their foreign market entry and growth. It is committed to supporting the successful growth of startups through continuous investment in their futures.

    DREAMPLUS operates the GLOBAL CENTER for startups aiming to expand overseas. It plans to establish services in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Singapore following the U.S., and Japan to further support its mission. In addition, the center continues to find opportunities to collaborate with global companies and further the success of startups within its program.

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  • Science Challenge

    The Hanwha Science Challenge is Korea’s largest science competition. Since 2011, more than 10,000 Korean high school students have stepped up to face the challenge, which encourages them to explore and understand the science behind global environmental issues, such as sustainable energy, disease, famine, climate change, and water shortages.

    Through this event, we aim to identify and nurture up-and-coming science talent and provide them with learning opportunities they might not necessarily receive at school. Winners of each year’s challenge are awarded the opportunity to go on overseas trips so they may gain new perspectives on the subjects they are studying.

  • Supporting Young Leaders of the Future

    Since our founding, we’ve made it a priority to develop youth talent and foster leaders of the future. Together with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), we host the Hanwha-KAIST Science Outreach Program, which provides science education to middle-school students in Daejeon, Korea. Through the Hanwha Arts Plus program, our employees volunteer to teach children about various arts and culture subjects. We also conduct art, music, and dance programs to benefit underprivileged children. We further support the creative arts through classes on social design, photography, and other topics for middle-school students in 30 locations around Korea.

Arts and Culture
  • Pop and Classic

    As a firm supporter of arts and culture, we sponsor several events for the public. Since 2000, we have been the sole sponsor of the annual Orchestral Festival, Korea’s largest classical music event. We’ve also sponsored “Hanwha Pop and Classic” since 2004 and “Hanwha Classic” since 2013. “Hanwha Pop and Classic” visits smaller Korean cities and holds musical performances for those with few opportunities to attend cultural events. We received awards from the Korea Mecenat Association and the Seoul Arts Center in recognition of our efforts to promote arts and culture.

  • Seoul International Fireworks Festival

    Since 2000, we’ve sponsored the Seoul International Fireworks Festival each fall. Under the slogan “Sharing Hope through Fireworks,” the event delivers a thrilling spectacle of light and energy. So far, more than 1 million people have flocked to the banks of South Korea’s Han River to experience the festival, which attracts fireworks teams from around the world. Each year, more than 800 of our Hanwha colleagues volunteer to help make the festival a safe and clean event.

Social Contributions
  • Distribution of Free Braille Calendars for
    the Visually Impaired

    Back in 2000, braille calendars were not readily available for the visually impaired in Korea. Hanwha volunteers stepped up to change that. Each November, we manually type and bind 50,000 braille calendars to help visually impaired people manage their schedules independently. The calendars are distributed freely by request and through the Center for the Disabled. So far, we’ve produced more than 800,000 braille calendars, more than any other organization in Korea.

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