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Hanwha Advanced Materials: Composite Materials for More than Just the Hypercar

April 19, 2018
  • The all new composite seat back is strong as steel but much lighter and simpler to assemble
Hanwha Advanced Materials Principal Research Engineer Kong Yong Sik delivered a keynote speech at JEC World 2018 in Paris

Hanwha Advanced Materials Principal Research Engineer Kong Yong Sik delivered a keynote speech
at JEC World 2018 in Paris

Hanwha Advanced Materials piqued the curiosity of visitors at JEC World 2018 in Paris, France with an intriguing new seat back for SUVs. Unlike the seat backs currently on the market, this seat back is made entirely out of composite materials. No steel was used to reinforce its structure.

"No one's ever thought of not using steel when making automotive seats," said Kong Yong Sik, the Principal Research Engineer responsible for the seat back's development. "Everyone's been preoccupied with trying to simply reduce the amount of steel they use."

Some visitors were skeptical that an all-composite seat back could perform as well as a steel-frame seat back. They were pleasantly surprised to see that it had passed even the most stringent safety tests with flying colors. They were even more surprised to learn that the prototype seat back is up to 30% lighter than the traditional steel seat back.

This revelation could be a revolution for the next generation of seat back designs. Automotive manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for new solutions that can shave off even a few ounces. Hanwha Advanced Materials just demonstrated that it is possible to reduce a significant amount of weight without sacrificing quality or safety. This will be of significant interest to car makers all over the world.

"Weight reduction is the one big unchangeable trend in the automotive industry," says Kong Yong Sik. "Regardless of gas, electric or hybrid vehicles, lightweight solutions mean less fuel consumptions overall."

Few manufacturers have considered using composites outside of high-performance vehicles. Hanwha Advanced Materials' prototype seat back proves that composite materials have wider applications that open up a brand new range of design possibilities for passenger cars.

Hanwha Advanced Materials, already the global leader in Lightweight Reinforced Thermoplastics and Glass-Mat Thermoplastics, hopes to begin full-scale production of its new composite seat back by 2019. The company estimates that it will be able to manufacture at least 600,000 units per year globally once production begins. Kong Yong Sik is keen to continue experimenting with the materials and even sees his seat back concept taking to the skies.

"People will always need to go places, even in the flying cars of the future," Kong says. "Weight reduction will go hand-in-hand with developments in mobility technology so we're going to keep working to find new applications for composite materials."

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