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Hanwha Advanced Materials Wins Electric Car Parts Order from SAIC Volkswagen

June 16, 2017

Amidst the shifting paradigm in the automotive industry, Hanwha Advanced Materials has come into the spotlight having moved aggressively into the future car market of smart cars and electric vehicles.

The company has already been producing battery cases to LG Electronics since last October. Hanwha has optimized sheet molding compounds (SMCs) to better protect the battery pack in the event of an impact from a collision. These batteries protected with Hanwha's battery cases are being supplied to the Chevy Bolt, GM's next-generation all-electric vehicle. Now, the Shanghai subsidiary of Hanwha Advanced Materials has won the contract to supply battery cases for the E-Lavida, an all-electric vehicle to be mass-produced starting in the second half of next year by SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co. is a joint venture between SAIC Motor Corporation Limited and Volkswagen. The deal is indeed timely in that the growth of the Chinese e-vehicle market is picking up pace.

Hanwha Advanced Materials' SMC-based Battery Case
  • In 2011, Hanwha Advanced Materials heavily invested in research and development on battery cases for electric vehicles using SMC. In 2015, the company succeeded in developing an SMC with excellent dimensional stability, watertight property and improved mechanical behavior, making it the ideal material for mass-producible battery cases for electric vehicles. SMC is a thermoset resin impregnated with glass fiber. It is, therefore, outstanding in strength, resistant to scratches, protected from damage, and possesses electrical insulation. The material also has superb plasticity making it an easy compound to work with to build automotive parts.

E-Lavida is a sedan specifically targeting the Chinese market. It is an all-electric vehicle powered by a lithium-ion battery. When fully charged, it has a range of about 200 kilometers.

Hanwha Advanced Materials' Shanghai subsidiary is producing the battery cases for 66,000 E-Lavidas every year, starting August of 2018.

Additionally, Hanwha Advanced Materials is aggressively engaging in activities to win more orders to expand its supply of the e-vehicle battery case to global joint-ventures based in China (GM and BMW) and keep pace with the growing e-vehicle market in the country.

Hanwha Advanced Materials

Founded in 1965, Hanwha Advanced Materials’ vision is “A high-tech materials company that protects the values of humanity and the environment.” To achieve this vision, we’re developing an innovative line of products and technologies that are more environmentally conscious while catering to the needs of our customers around the world. We produce lightweight composite materials and thermoformable components for automobiles, highly efficient advanced film for solar energy, and high-performance coating films for mobile phones and display. We have also developed local production plants and R&D centers in South Korea, the US, Europe, and China. Our global sales continue to rise.

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