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Hanwha Asset Management to Establish Joint Venture in China

September 12, 2014

From left to right: Zhang Ying, President of Northern International Holdings Co., Ltd.;
Shin-Woo Kang, CEO of Hanwha Asset Management; Gong Jing, President of Tianjin Hi-Tech Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Hanwha Asset Management struck a joint venture agreement with China’s state enterprises Tianjin Hi-Tech Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Northern International Holdings Co., Ltd. in order to establish a joint venture asset management company(韩华海泰基金管理有限公司) in Tianjin on September 11.

The joint venture asset management company(韩华海泰基金管理有限公司) will possess a starting capital of 300 million yuan or around 480 million USD. The company will start to get a foothold in the domestic market through selling financial products to local people in 2015.

For the first time in its history, China will witness an asset management company whose largest shareholder is a foreign investor since Hanwha Asset Management holds a majority shareholder position with 45.5% shares of the joint venture asset management company(韩华海泰基��管理有限公司), as a result of the agreement.

Myung-jun Shim, Division Head of Management Support Division at Hanwha Asset Management, emphasized the business potential of the joint venture by saying, “Recently, China sees its asset management sector emerging as the core part of its financial service industry. At this juncture, the joint venture prospects between Korea’s general asset manager, known for its reliable capacities for developing new products, and the managing assets of China’s state enterprises along with a firm local customer base should create a variety of synergy and set a new example of Korea-China financial cooperation.”

* Tianjin Hi-Tech Holding Group Co., Ltd. is mainly focused on financial, high technology, real estate, construction and service industry sectors.

* Northern International Holdings Co., Ltd. is focused on trade, food, distribution, and overseas construction industry projects and is one of China’s 500 service companies, representing Tianjin.

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