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The Grand Opening of Galleria Duty Free 63

July 15, 2016
  • The new duty-free store featuring exclusive luxury brands
  • Marketing the new aquarium, in partnership with the Wanda Group

The ribbon-cutting ceremony of Galleria Duty Free 63

On July 15th, Hanwha's Galleria Duty Free 63 has officially come alive as the newest destination to provide a sightseeing and shopping experience that people have come to expect from the Galleria name. You'll find the Galleria's new duty-free store in the 63 Building in Yeouido of Seoul, nicknamed the "Gold Bar," a fitting location for the high-end store.

Galleria Duty Free 63 features a wide range of products with 540 brands and together with Aqua Planet 63 and 63 Art (63 Building's observation deck), they will create a powerful draw as a one-stop tour and shopping experience for visitors.

Since its pre-opening on December 28th of last year, Galleria Duty Free 63 has also been strengthening its core content for both tourism and merchandising.

To boost 63 Building's tourism to "63 Sea World," this preeminent aquarium in Korea underwent an extensive seven-month renovation and became "Aqua Planet 63." And beginning July of this year, Galleria Duty Free 63 has been offering a one-stop tour of the 63 Building, featuring the exclusive Aqua Planet 63 with shopping at its luxury Galleria Duty Free 63 store, combining a revitalized tourist space with a shopper's delight.

To further strengthen its marketing reach, Galleria Duty Free 63 has signed a marketing partnership agreement with the Wanda Group, China's leading retail company. Galleria Duty Free 63 will launch promotions and market to the Wanda Group's 120 million members in China to tour in Korea.

There will be no shortage of luxury brands at Galleria Duty Free 63. In fact, four luxury brands will be added; they are currently not available in any other duty-free stores in all of Korea: Golden Goose, Stefano Ricci, Launder London and Corneliani. The addition of these brands will help to solidify the store's reputation as the finest duty-free store in Korea.

The Hanwha Galleria CEO Hwang Yong-deuk remarked, "Galleria Duty Free 63 will be a duty-free shopping experience integrated into a visual tourist experience – combined, they are the product of our strong drive to turn Yeouido into a new 'Hallyu' Korean-wave tourist destination in Asia."

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