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Hanwha Vision has taken its 30 years of technological prowess to build a renowned global security company.

Established in 1977, Hanwha Vision’s advanced optical design, manufacturing, and image-processing technology have made it a global leader in video surveillance. We’re heavily investing in R&D to innovate and meet the ever-changing market needs. In so doing, we’ve been gaining recognition as a global top-tier company. By applying our experience and subject matter expertise to our product development, we’ve been able to create a complete line of security solutions, from cameras and recorders to integrated management software. Our products are designed to meet every application, including urban surveillance, retail, transportation, and banking.

We manufacture over 2.7 million video surveillance devices in South Korea and Vietnam. We maintain the largest share of the South Korean video surveillance market. However, 75 percent of our total sales comes from our overseas markets.

Our products are sold through more than 16,000 global sales networks across Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia. The strength and breadth of our networks affords us the ability to market and sell our products directly to our customers.

Incorporating the next generation of technologies, such as deep learning, AI, and business intelligence, is at the core of what Hanwha Vision is doing to ensure our portfolio of security solutions will catapult us to the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We are becoming a global security solutions provider with industry-leading cybersecurity technology that offers customers the highest level of confidence and satisfaction.

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