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Hanwha Corporation Sets Sights on EU Machine Tool Market

September 23, 2017
  • Exhibiting lathes at the largest machine tool expo in Europe to boost sales,
    attract new clients and gain foothold in EU-area markets
  • Showcasing Hanwha's world-leading technologies with collaborative robots
    and new models with an integrated automation system

Hanwha Corporation at the "EMO Hanover 2017 Machine Tool Exposition"

At the EMO Hanover 2017 Machine Tool Exposition, Hanwha Corporation will exhibit five automatic lathe models. EMO is one of the world's largest machine tool trade shows and this year from September 18th to 23rd, over 150,000 visitors from 2,200 companies from 45 countries attended.

¹ EMO (Exposition Mondiale de la Machine Outil
  • Europe's largest machine tool exhibition held on odd-numbered years alternatively in Germany and Italy, to be held from September 18th to 23rd in Hanover, Germany.
² Machine Tools
  • Machines for shaping and machining mechanical parts and components. Called "machines that make machines," these devices form the foundation of the machinery industry.

Of the five automatic lathe models that were displayed at the exhibit, four were gang-type lathes that have a tool post that moves on two axes to machine the material – their model numbers were XD12III-H, XD20V, XD38II-N, and XD42H. The fifth lathe model a turret-type lathe that uses a rotating tool holder to change the cutting tool. It's model number was STL38HY.

The XD38II-N features a collaborative robot automation system that is designed to boost productivity of machining-forged products³. The XD12III-H is optimized to operate with high-precision and yield high-output. New upgrades have been added to the previous model, giving the XD12III-H a new competitiveness in the small component tool market. These products will spearhead Hanwha's efforts to identify new demand in the European machine tool market and promote the company's key products to potential customers.

Yeon-cheol Kim, CEO of Hanwha Corporation said, "This Expo will allow Hanwha to gain insight into global manufacturing technology trends while showcasing the excellence of our machine tool production capabilities," adding that "Hanwha will actively promote its leading technologies to build its presence in the largest machine tool markets in Europe: Italy, Spain and France."

Hanwha Corporation launched its machine tool business in 1977 and just 6 years later in 1983, it became the first Korean company to develop automatic lathes. Since then, our company has continued its success in research and development to capture and maintain its top position in the domestic CNC⁴ automatic lathe market.

³ Forged products
  • Products made with compressive force, such as hammering, to mechanically shape a product made from solid metallic materials.
⁴ CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Automatic Lathe
  • Automatic lathes are machining systems designed for mass production with automated control of the machining operation. CNC automatic lathes leverage computers to control the machining in real time. CNC lathes employ a one-stop end-to-end process from material input to completion. These machines are indispensable tools used across all industrial sectors including automotive, electronics, health care equipment and mobile devices.

Hanwha Corporation

Hanwha Corporation, the parent company of the Hanwha Group, is a global manufacturing company that has directly contributed to the growth of South Korea's economy. There are 3 divisions under the Hanwha Corporation: Global, Defense, and Machinery. Hanwha Corporation was founded in 1952 as Korea Explosives Company, quickly becoming the leader in the explosives industry of South Korea. It has since grown into a global manufacturing company operating in three business areas—explosives and chemical, defense, and machinery.

In 1959, Hanwha was the first domestic manufacturer of dynamite in South Korea. After having successfully developed safer, high-quality industrial explosives and fire process products, we have been able to supply the South Korean government with the crucial means to rebuild its cities and infrastructure.

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