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Hanwha Techwin Opens Security Industry's First Brand Demo Room

August 17, 2016

Wisenet Experience Center opening ceremony

Cheol-Kyo Kim, the CEO of the Security & Machinery Solutions Business Group, was at the opening ceremony as Hanwha Techwin became the first company in Korea's security industry to open a one-stop demonstration space named the Hanwha Techwin Wisenet Experience Center.

The Wisenet Experience Center was designed to provide customers with hands-on experiences with Hanwha Techwin's security & surveillance solutions and technology.

Located within the Hanwha Techwin R&D Center in Korea, the Wisenet Experience Center's 274㎡ of space is divided into four zones:
1) the Introduction Zone that provides an overview of the company's security business and history,
2) the Product Zone that showcases the Wisenet product series with video presentations,
3) the Core Tech Zone, where visitors can examine the company's core technologies and world-leading quality management, and
4) the Solution Zone, a space that provides real-world use-cases of how technology is being applied to meet the needs of real customers.

The head of the Hanwha Techwin Design Team, who oversaw the creation of the demonstration space: "Enabling our customers to personally experience the important value of safety was paramount to us." He added, "the Wisenet Experience Center will be opened not only to security industry insiders but also to the general public who, we hope, will gain a greater understanding of the importance of security."

With the opening of the Wisenet Experience Center, Hanwha Techwin expects to increase awareness and strengthen the Wisenet brand domestically. World-wide, Hanwha Techwin will continue to release innovative solutions and further establish itself as a global security leader.

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