Hanwha has made it a priority to address environmental issues, nurture its workforce talent, and provide transparent governance.

ESG in Action


We create a values-driven business ecosystem where everybody wins

At Hanwha, we believe that our employees, business partners, customers, and communities share common values. We respect the rights of our employees and are committed to promoting work-life balance as we pursue shared growth through cooperation with business partners. We strive to create value for our customers, build a positive reputation, and lead change by working to solve community issues. Moving forward, we will continue to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth, enhancing the lives of all stakeholders through collaboration.

Talent Management

Our most valuable asset is the talent of our creative and passionate workforce. These innovating minds power our sustainable growth and are the foundation for Hanwha’s development and success. We nurture our employees by operating fair and sound personnel and education programs to help them grow into globally recognized talent with a resilient spirit, unwavering dedication, and integrity. We deeply value individual rights and embrace diversity, fostering a flexible organizational culture that empowers our employees to thrive while achieving work-life balance.

Hanwha offers various programs to help employees develop their potential and grow in the company.
01. Nurturing top talent

Hanwha is boldly investing in a well-grounded personnel system to recruit and nurture talented people who can lead us to achieve our milestone of 100 successful years in business. We offer professional development for our global talent through training programs for specific jobs and positions. Our Hanwha Pre-Manager Program (HPMP), designed for all new Group employees, offers comprehensive education initiatives to foster job competency and instill a sense of loyalty. To nurture Hanwha’s potential future CEOs, we sponsor EMBA programs for team leaders and offer our executives the Advanced Management Program (AMP), sourced from the world's premier executive education courses. Our Global Talent Program encourages employees with potential and interests in global business by providing relevant education and opportunities to work overseas. Through our Regional Specialist Program, we send associates and junior managers abroad to gain international business experience.

Hanwha offers flexible schedules and differentiated benefits systems across affiliates to promote an optimal work-life balance.
02. Creating a flexible and healthy organization

Hanwha’s companywide work-life balance policies are designed to improve the quality of life for our employees. Our corporate culture fosters flexibility through initiatives such as varying work types and flexible scheduling, one-month sabbaticals upon promotion, and mandatory one-month paternity leave for new fathers within three months of childbirth. We also provide educational leave and support for career development. In addition, each affiliate operates a differentiated benefits system tailored to the unique needs of each business. We also work to gain community trust by promoting safety as part of our corporate culture. We actively work to prevent accidents by requiring everyone to follow a strict set of rules and policies and to observe leading industry indicators for occupational safety. Along with regular inspections and education, we strictly manage training programs to respond to emergencies and establish a culture of safety.

Hanwha advocates for human rights awareness with a zero tolerance policy toward discrimination and workplace harassment.
03. Respecting human rights and diversity

Hanwha actively supports and complies with human rights policies at home and abroad, including the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. Respecting diversity, we do not discriminate based on gender, race, nationality, place of origin, or religion. To prevent sexual and workplace harassment and raise awareness of human rights, we provide human rights education to all employees and regularly conduct human rights impact assessments in advance to avoid human rights risks. We operate programs that respond to workplace grievances, offer counseling, and prevent recurrences, such as the Hanwha Solutions Chemical Division’s Hotline and Hanwha Aerospace’s Smart Grievance Handling Center. Our family-friendly programs include maternity benefits, and we have been certified by Korea’s Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (MOGEF) as a family-friendly company for creating a better workplace for women.

Shared Growth Management

Our philosophy of “Going Further Together” and our spirit of trust and loyalty also extends to our partner companies. Through our collaborations, we seek to ensure mutual growth rather than competition. With our small- and medium-sized business partners, we encourage best management practices and help foster self-sufficient environments. We also offer support through a variety of programs for employee rights and the working environments of partner employees as we build a sustainable foundation for the entire supply chain.

01. Commitment to fair trade and shared growth

Since 2009, Hanwha has fostered collaborative partnerships with over 1,500 small- and medium-sized enterprises. With our shared growth and fair trade agreements, we empower these businesses by strengthening core competencies, promoting mutual growth, and offering guidance to engage in fair trade practices.

02. Supporting partner management through co-prosperity funds

We created an annual $175 million co-prosperity fund and earmarked a $175 million private equity fund for these mutually beneficial partnerships. The funds allow our partner companies to obtain low-interest loans. We also support the stable financial operations of our business partners by increasing cash payments, making early payments during the holiday season, and offering performance-sharing programs to selected affiliates.

03. Building winning partnerships

In our collaborative efforts with partner companies, we embody our "Going Further Together" philosophy by engaging in joint ventures, exchanging technology, sharing information, and offering exemptions from performance guarantees. We are increasing industry-specific programs to help our partners become more competitive as they expand domestic and international sales networks. We also support their management innovations and equipment purchases while assisting them with best practices for safety, process, environment, and quality controls. In addition, each affiliate holds regular meetings for partners to enhance mutual trust through close communication.

04. Improving supply chain sustainability

Hanwha is committed to advancing sustainability throughout our supply chains by actively backing supplier sustainability management initiatives. Through our affiliates, we offer ESG-related education and consultations to assist partner companies with ESG management. We also provide support for safety and environmental management to mitigate industrial accidents and prioritize employee well-being. Additionally, we offer training programs to enhance the skills of employees at partner companies.

Customer-Centered Management

At Hanwha, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to their satisfaction and growth by consistently delivering value. Through every stage of our business — from planning and production to promotion and provision of products and services — we prioritize building enduring relationships of trust. We aim to be the company customers trust most by delivering high-quality products and services, including eco-friendly products, protecting consumer rights and interests, and supporting underserved communities with limited access to information or financial services.

01. Protecting consumer rights

Using our carefully designed system tailored to the unique needs of each business, we actively protect consumer rights and interests. Hanwha Life performs a consumer impact assessment to verify whether the development or sale of a product is likely to infringe on consumer rights. We've also established a Financial Consumer Protection Charter, with accompanying principles, that all employees and financial planners pledge to uphold online. This affirms our commitment to providing products and services while safeguarding consumer rights. Additionally, Hanwha Investment & Securities continually improve consumer protections by refunding sales commissions if a product is canceled due to a simple change of mind and guaranteeing a full refund for any instances of misleading sales. By building an excellent system to protect the personal and financial information of consumers, the company earned the Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification from the Korean Financial Security Institute (FSI) in 2018. In recognition of those efforts, Hanwha Life, Hanwha General Insurance, and Hanwha Investment & Securities also obtained the Consumer-Centered Management (CCM) certification from the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) and the Korea Consumer Agency (KCA).

02. Supporting accessible financial services

Hanwha's financial affiliates prioritize customer-centered management by offering a range of support services. Hanwha Life provides easily accessible outlets for underserved populations, such as a dedicated phone number for people with disabilities and a priority connection service for older adults. Similarly, Hanwha General Insurance operates a Smile Care Desk service at branches, staffed by dedicated personnel and equipped with call bells, ensuring that more customers can access financial services without physical barriers. To enhance customer convenience and broaden access to our services, we have developed a mobile insurance claim guidebook to assist those less familiar with digital services. Additionally, Hanwha prioritizes digital inclusion by inviting customers to propose ideas for more consumer-friendly insurance services, ensuring that everyone's needs are heard and considered.

Social Contribution

In keeping with our founding philosophy of fostering social growth and prosperity, as well as with the Hanwha spirit of trust and loyalty, we cooperate closely with the communities where we work. By pursuing our social contribution philosophy of “Going Further Together,” we strive to fulfill our social responsibilities as a global corporate citizen. To create shared value with individuals and communities, we utilize our core technologies and resources in various social contribution activities, including talent development, culture and the arts, donations, and volunteer work.