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About Hanwha

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Hanwha, founded in 1952, is a Fortune Global 500 company and South Korea’s seventh largest business group with
$65.3 billion in total sales and $179.7 billion in total assets. As a global leader with a diversified business portfolio covering green energy; materials; aerospace, ocean & mechatronics; finance; and retail & services, Hanwha delivers future-ready solutions and impactful innovations that power industries and enrich communities. Our relentless commitment to sustainability drives our bold innovation, allowing us to create transformative solutions for individuals, society, and the planet, creating a robust foundation for sustainable development and a brighter future for all.

Business Overview

In the energy industry, Hanwha is working to build an integrated value chain that covers everything from production to storage, transportation, and power generation. To advance the global energy transition, the company is at the forefront of building a green energy value chain that spans solar, wind energy, and hydrogen. In the U.S., while maintaining its top position in the residential and commercial solar sectors, Hanwha recently announced a $2.5 billion investment to expand its solar manufacturing presence to form a complete end-to-end solar value chain. It is also accelerating the development of onshore and offshore wind power generation, utilizing wind turbine installation vessels (WTIV) to ensure a dominant market position.

Hanwha is the first in the world to have successfully demonstrated hydrogen co-firing of up to 59.5 percent in an 80-megawatt-class gas turbine, reducing both carbon and nitrogen oxide emissions significantly as a result. In addition, by leveraging its cutting-edge technology in LNG carriers, LNG-FSRU and offshore plants, Hanwha is expanding its LNG value chain to provide optimized energy solutions.

In the materials industry, Hanwha is manufacturing green essential materials, expanding investment in and development of innovative technologies as it continues to advance its eco-friendly and high value-added chemical businesses, including recycling waste plastics and eco-friendly bioplastics.

In the aerospace industry, Hanwha provides solutions to create sustainable infrastructure on Earth and in space by innovating proprietary technologies. In addition to the remarkable success of Nuri, the Korea Space Launch Vehicle-II (KSLV-II), Hanwha has accumulated expertise in space technologies through various projects, working to establish a comprehensive space value chain including manufacturing, launch and transportation, and satellite services.

Hanwha is securing future growth engines by investing in companies with advanced technology. It expects to generate synergy through its collaboration with OneWeb on low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite communications technology. Further, Hanwha is developing Butterfly, a UAM vehicle, together with Overair while exploring additional opportunities to offer total solutions for future mobility.

Hanwha’s expansive portfolio also includes intelligent AI camera and analysis technology, AIoT platform convergent technology, shipbuilding expertise, large-scale plant management, and advanced offshore plant construction capabilities.

Hanwha’s financial businesses, which extend across Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and Singapore, offer digital financial solutions optimized for diverse lifestyles. The company proactively invests in and advances the latest tech-based financial services, including AI and big data, and has developed digital investment platforms STEPS and PINE as well as a 100% digital insurance carrier, Carrot. Through DREAMPLUS, an open innovation platform and startup accelerator, Hanwha supports startups and young entrepreneurs.

In the retail & services industry, Hanwha is leaping forward as a lifestyle platform company, offering tailored experiences through premium lifestyle department stores, luxury boutique hotels, high-end resorts, and commercial complexes. Hanwha boasts extensive expertise in engineering and construction and builds all types of essential infrastructure from residential complexes to offshore wind across the world.

Spirit and Core Values

  • Spirit : Trust and Loyalty

    Trust is a valuable, intangible asset that is the backbone of Hanwha’s corporate culture. Hanwha understands that trust among the company, its employees and partners is essential for success. Once trust is earned, this improves productivity and creates a culture that better embraces change. The trust fostered throughout Hanwha is a reward in itself, leading to growth and excellent performance.

    Loyalty can bind people together and save an organization from crisis. Hanwha encourages its employees to develop strong ties with their colleagues, customers, business partners, families, and communities. Employees must not only consider personal and professional benefits with their actions, but also show allegiance to others even if it leads to losses.

  • Core Values : Challenge, Dedication, Integrity
    • Hanwha believes in challenging the status quo in the pursuit of excellence through change and innovation.
    • Hanwha is dedicated to its company, customers, and colleagues to achieve a greater goal.
    • Hanwha believes in acting with integrity in everything that the company does as individuals and employees.

Our Purpose

When we define our brand purpose, we ask ourselves: why does our company exist?
What are our goals, and what is the value that we provide as we strive to achieve those goals?
How do we as a company approach sustainability, and what value do we create in the world?

A relentless commitment to sustainability drives
our bold innovation, allowing us to create
transformative solutions for individuals, society, and the planet.

Our Brand Values

The values that we are committed to providing to our customers, employees, investors, business partners,
and communities around us are:

and Inclusive

We strive for social,
economic, and
environmental prosperity
for all.

Technology and
Solution-driven Innovation

Through technological
innovation, we provide
solutions from people to


We lay the foundation for a
fulfilling life through our
technologies, products,
and services

Hanwha’s Corporate Identity

The Tricircle logo is an essential part of Hanwha’s corporate identity. Its dynamic energy expresses Hanwha’s continuous progression and limitless potential.

Composed of three intertwined circles, the Tricircle represents Hanwha’s core values, corporate vision, and business interests across various industries.

The Tricircle signifies Hanwha’s transformation into a world-class enterprise that cares deeply about its customers and the communities in which its operates.

Hanwha Logo Ci
Hanwha Orange 100% : C0 M68 Y100 K0 R243 G115 B33
Hanwha Orange 70% : C0 M40 Y70 K0 R248 G115 B108
Hanwha Orange 50% : C0 M34 Y50 K0 R251 G181 B132
Process Black 100% : K100

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