Find Your Young Hanwha Spirit-Hanwha TRIcircle Photo Contest

May 10, 2018 ~ June 6, 2018, 1.SHOOT 2.SUBMIT 3.WIN

Hanwha TRIcircle

The Hanwha TRIcircle depicts three interlocked circles in different shades of orange. The overlapping design represents the company’s dynamic energy, constant evolution, and “Unlimited Growth”.

The Beginning of Young Hanwha

As our business expands and our market position strengthens, our corporate culture must also rise to higher levels. Even as we celebrate our 64 years, we must not forget the days of our humble beginnings and our noble founding philosophy. We must each stir the ‘Young Hanwha’ that, we know, lives within.- Chairman Seung Youn Kim. In 2016, Hanwha Group officially announced that it will establish a young, forward-thinking culture in order to fearlessly innovate for the future. As part of this initiative, Hanwha Group is inviting every member of its global network to enter the TRIcircle photo contest and demonstrate their “Young Hanwha” spirit. Every shortlisted and winning entry will be published on our global newsroom and shared in the July newsletter.

What we are looking for

To win, your entry must clearly incorporate the Hanwha TRIcircle, whether it's the actual logo within the photo or a depiction of the three interlocked circles interpreted in your own style. Show your 'Young Hanwha' spirit or demonstrate Hanwha's core values (Challenge, Dedication, and Integrity) in the photo to earn additional points.
Our shared love of sport keeps us fit and dynamic. Here we are forming a TRIcircle with our bodies after an inter-office game of basketball. Our team showed off our Young Hanwha spirit by painting our faces and playing hard during a football tournament. Our team stays young and forward thinking by getting together for team activities once a month. Things to consider · Does your photo incorporate the Hanwha TRIcircle in a unique and creative way? AND · Does your photo demonstrate Hanwha's new young and forward thinking culture? OR · Does your photo demonstrate how Hanwha's core values impact the way you work?

A Golden Opportunity

As a symbol of this event's importance, the Grand Prize winner will receive a Hanwha TRIcircle Gold Medal. Made of solid 24k gold and weighing 37.5 grams, this medal will be presented to the individual whose entry best incorporates the Hanwha TRIcircle and the 'Young Hanwha' spirit in an engaging manner.
Grand Prize (1 person)
The winner will receive the Hanwha TRIcircle Gold Medal and a commemorative crystal trophy. The gold medal will go to the one person who submitted the winning photo and caption while those who were featured in the image will receive a crystal trophy as special thanks for participating. Includes · ONE Hanwha TRIcircle Gold Medal · A crystal trophy, with your winning photo etched onto the surface
Second Prize (2 teams, up to 20 people)
The runner up will receive a special gift pack, which will be awarded to up to 20 people who were featured in the runner up entry. A business division that had the most number of individual entries will also receive the gift pack for up to 20 participants. Includes · "Young Hanwha" Commemorative Boxes
Third Prize (3 teams, up to 20 people)
Three third place winners will be receive a limited edition commemorative torch pen. The torch pens will go to up to 20 people who were featured in the entries. Includes &middto; 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games Hanwha Commemorative Torch Pen
Deadline June 6, 2018 at 23:59 (KST)

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