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Headlines for November 2018


1. [Hanwha Group] Invited long-term employees at the 66th anniversary celebration

On October 9th, we celebrated Hanwha’s 66th anniversary. In his speech, Chairman Seung Youn Kim expressed his appreciation to all current employees, former employees, partner companies, and the nation as a whole.

The 66th anniversary celebration event for long-term employees was held on a Han River cruise yacht. The chairman invited 20 long-term employees who have worked for 30 years. At the event, the chairman thanked them for offering him 30 years of friendship and said that each and every one of them is a valuable tie connecting the parts of Hanwha.

A few days later, on October 10th, Chairman Kim sent a message to all Hanwha members commemorating Hanwha Group’s 66th anniversary.

In his message, he pointed out that there is no end to a journey of innovation and we must constantly innovate and update both our hardware and software capabilities as befits a 21st century company. In addition, he said that innovation comes from a culture of diversity, not homogeneity, and creative energy and genuine innovation can only come from diverse perspectives and experiences.

2. [Hanwha Hotels & Resorts] Held an opening ceremony of Hanwha Resort Belvedere in Geoje, Korea

On October 15th, Hanwha Hotels & Resorts opened Geoje Belvedere, which combines a hotel and a premium resort in a luxurious concept. Many people were invited to the opening ceremony, including the CEO of Hanwha Hotels & Resorts, Moon Seok, and the mayor of Geoje city.

At the ceremony, CEO Moon said, “The Geoje Belvedere is not just an indicator of Hanwha Resort’s growth momentum, but it will play a role in promoting tourism in Geoje and South Gyeongsang Province.”

The Belvedere is located just 10 minutes after crossing the Busan–Geoje Fixed Link. (Geoga Bridge) It is conveniently accessible from the major cities.

We look forward to seeing the Belvedere, which has been blessed with wonderful natural surroundings, become a place where people can taste the sweetest rest in Korea.

3. [Hanwha Group] Planted the 7th Hanwha Solar Forest as part of its environmentally-friendly reforestation efforts

Every year, many people have a difficult time because of the fine dust that comes from China. Starting with an anti-desertification project in Mongolian deserts in 2011, the Group has been planting trees and creating true environmentally-friendly forests every year using solar power generating equipment. The trees, which were first planted seven years ago, continue to grow and are becoming a thick forest. Now Hanwha is planting the 7th forest.

Along with Tree Planet, Hanwha has been contributing to the improvement of issues related to climate changes and environmental problems by planting trees in Mongolia, China, and landfills around Seoul for last seven years. It is also helping the younger generations increase their awareness of environmental issues.

This year, 1,000 additional trees are going to be planted in honor of the people who participated in the Happy Sunshine campaign.

Hanwha has been carrying out environmentally friendly social contribution activities quietly to make the world more sustainable. We hope that the Hanwha Solar Forests grow and we leave a clean earth to the next generation to come.

4. [Hanwha Group] Held the 2018 Hanwha Chungcheong Marathon

In every autumn season, Chungcheong Marathon with Hanwha takes place. The event invites not only residents of the Chungcheong area but also from all over Korea. It is an event of harmony and unity. Many people participated in the marathon, held again this year at Sejong Lake Park, and we got to see much enthusiasm among participants.

The Chungcheong Marathon with Hanwha, with its beautiful courses and fun programs, has been loved by participants every year. The event has now become a cultural festival where more people from outside of the Chungcheong area travel to enjoy it together. We congratulate those who finished the run and cheer for their better tomorrow.

5. [Hanwha Group] Held the 2018 Seoul International Fireworks Festival

2018 marked the 16th year for the Seoul International Fireworks Festival with Hanwha, held this year in honor of the 66th anniversary of Hanwha. The festival allowed over one million spectators to make unforgettable memories. Three teams from Korea, Spain, and Canada participated in the festival and they decorated the night sky with a total of 100,000 fireworks. This year’s festival produced storytelling fireworks by introducing a 63 Building gigantic LED multimedia show, day-time fireworks, and a 10m-diameter man-made moon.

This dream-like festival which happens just one day a year delivered a message of hope and supported everyone’s precious dreams.

Headlines for November 2018
  1. 1. Hanwha Group - Invited long-term employees at the 66th anniversary celebration
  2. 2. Hanwha Hotels & Resorts - Held an opening ceremony of Hanwha Resort Belvedere in Geoje, Korea
  3. 3. Hanwha Group - Planted the 7th Hanwha Solar Forest as part of its environmentally-friendly reforestation efforts
  4. 4. Hanwha Group - Held the 2018 Hanwha Chungcheong Marathon
  5. 5. Hanwha Group - Held the 2018 Seoul International Fireworks Festival

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Headlines for September 2018

Headlines for October 2018


1. [Hanwha Group] Held <Hanwha Classic 2018>, a major KLPGA tournament

Hanwha Classic 2018, the 3rd major KLGPA tournament of 2018, was held from August 30th to September 2nd at the Jade Palace Golf Club. With a total prize of 1.4 billion won, the largest in the KLPGA, the Hanwha Classic was promoted to a major game last year, and it's now recognized as one of the best tournaments because of its tradition and prestige.

The tournament competition was fierce, not just because of size of the purse, but players were able to collect points throughout the game by winning the rookie's award and the best player's award. And this year's game was held at the Jade Palace again, a premium golf club that satisfied golf fans even more.

The competition was fierce until the last round. The title of Hanwha Classic 2018 champion went to Lee Jeong-eun, and this was her 5th win overall and her first win at in a major tournament. Her ranking for the total prize money jumped from 9th to 3rd after she added 350 million won to her winnings from this tournament.

Hanwha Classic is an important event that demonstrates Hanwha Group's strong desire to promote the golf industry in Korea through the KLPGA by offering the largest amount of prize money in KLPGA history. The Group will continue to make the event a world class golf tournament by providing more attractive perks for the fans and offering the best opportunities to the players.

2. [Hanwha Group] Held a talk concert sponsored by DreamPlus

The <Flame Concert 2018> is a talk concert presented by professionals in fashion, design, healthcare, education, e-sports, and start-ups sponsored by DreamPlus. From September to November, five sessions are scheduled to be held.

At the first 'Flame Concert', about 100 people expressed their interest in a presentation prepared by a food researcher Cha Min-wook who explained his background and experiences as a food researcher.

Moreover, the presenter communicated with those who were unable to attend the session through Facebook and live video streaming, and allowed them to write comments. Following Mr. Cha's presentation, designer Kang Yo-han, Korea University medical school professor Lee Sang-hun, travel writer Son Mi-na who is also a principal at the School of Life, Jang Soo-han, president of School for Workers, Hanwha Life eSports team coach Kang Hyun-jong and players are scheduled as presenters between now and November.

The <Flame Concert 2018> is available for everyone through various SNS channels such as the DreamPlus homepage, Hanwha Days YouTube channel, and Hanwha Naver TV. Hanwha members can take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the latest trends and insights through the Flame Concert.

3. [Hanwha Defense Affiliates] Participated in DX KOREA, The Largest Land Weapons Exhibition

The Group's defense affiliates, Hanwha Corporation, Hanwha Systems, Hanwha Land Systems, and Hanwha Defense, participated in DX Korea 2018, the largest land weapons exhibition held from September 12th to 16th at Kintex in Ilsan, Korea. They set up an integrated booth and introduced cutting-edge technology weapon systems and solutions developed to respond to the future battlefield environment.

They displayed various advanced weapons systems and solutions developed with 4th industrial revolution technologies such as defense robots, drone systems, and personal battle systems. By doing so, they proposed the development direction of the future unmanned weapons systems for minimizing casualties and improving the efficiency of missions. Moreover, they introduced their key business areas, which are mobile and firepower, guided weapon, and defense electronics by introducing product portfolios that varied from integrated system technologies to core parts. Through these areas, they plan to find ways to export to about 30 countries by networking army chiefs of staff and military officials.

The DX Korea 2018 exhibition was a great opportunity to estimate the latest trends and the future direction of the defense industry since military officials from over 30 countries were present. We hope that Hanwha defense affiliates lead the development of cutting-edge weapons systems based on the globally-recognized competence of their products and technologies.

4. [Hanwha Galleria] Exclusively launched a French premium brand <Faure Le Page>

As a part of the MD reorganization, Hanwha Galleria introduced a French designer brand that is leading the latest fashion trends in Europe. Hanwha Galleria signed an exclusive license agreement with the French premium brand <Faure Le Page> for the Korean market. This enabled Hanwha Galleria to introduce its unique brand identity.

On September 13th, Faure Le Page opened its first shop at the Galleria Luxury Hall. Faure Le Page is a French premium brand with over 300 years of history. It sells handmade handbags and wallets. This Galleria's new store in Korea is a Faure Le Page's eighth store in the world. The addition of this new brand strengthens Galleria's premium image, as this exclusive brand cannot be seen in any other department stores in Korea.

Hanwha Galleria will continue to put various efforts into leading the trend by bringing differentiated brands to Galleria.

Headlines for October 2018
  1. 1. Hanwha Group - Held <Hanwha Classic 2018>, a major KLPGA tournament
  2. 2. Hanwha Group - Held a talk concert sponsored by DreamPlus
  3. 3. Hanwha Galleria - Exclusively launched a French premium brand <Faure Le Page>
Headlines for September 2018

Headlines for September 2018


1. [Hanwha Group] Announced 35,000 New Hires and 22 Trillion Won Investment over The Next Five Years

The Group announced plans to strengthen its global business competitiveness by investing 22 trillion won in new and core businesses over the next five years until 2022 and prepare for the 4th industrial revolution by expecting the innovative growth. The annual average investment of 4.4 trillion won is a 37% increase from the average of last three years, which was 3.2 trillion won.

Meanwhile, the Group is going to actively create good jobs and recruit 35,000 people over the next five years. The Group’s annual recruiting had remained between 3,000~4,000. Since 2016, however, that number has increased to about 6,000 when the Group built new solar manufacturing facilities and started new businesses. The Group is now planning to hire about 7,000 people annually, which is the largest number in the history of Hanwha.

Through these medium and long-term plans for investment and recruitment, the Group expects that 2018’s 70 trillion won in revenue would reach 100 trillion won in 2023.

2. [Hanwha Systems] Hanwha Systems - Hanwha S&C Merged to Become Hanwha Systems

Hanwha Systems and Hanwha S&C merged and began as a new company ‘Hanwha Systems’ as of August 1st. Under their new vision as a global leading solution provider for defense and IT services, they held a shareholders’ meeting and announced the beginning of the new merged company.

The merged Hanwha Systems is going to combine the former System’s radar and sensor development competencies and ICT’s system integration competency in the short run. This combined effort, for example, is expected to create synergy in a drone control and surveillance system and an IoT business for a defense resources and battlefield management.

In addition to these, Hanwha Systems plans to create more synergy by combining more of the two companies’ strengths in order to upgrade the existing businesses and increase revenue. We look forward to seeing the new Hanwha Systems’ meet their goal of reaching 6 trillion won in revenue by 2027.

3. [Hanwha Group] Opened the DreamPlus online platform, a group’s social contribution brand of human resource development
Hanwha Group plans to fulfill its social responsibilities while securing new growth engines through investment and recruitment at the same time. The Group has opened the DreamPlus online platform, which includes core information for those looking to set up a startup or search for jobs.

DreamPlus is Hanwha’s social contribution brand of human resource development and a program developed mainly to assist with setting up a startup or a job search.

The DreamPlus platform is created with the concept, “Find your dream, Challenge your dream, and Connect your dream”. These are the key phrases of this new startup ecosystem that the Group has been pursuing.

DreamPlus is the first case in which a large corporation has taken a lead in the development of an innovative startup ecosystem. Through the opening of the online platform, DreamPlus will become a center for promoting a startup ecosystem along with DreamPlus’ offline integrated platforms, DreamPlus 63 and the Gangnam center. The Group will continue to invest and provide support for a startup ecosystem.

4. [Hanwha Energy] Held a Groundbreaking Ceremony of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Plant in Daesan

Interest in clean energy is increasing along with concerns about climate change. Hanwha Energy held a groundbreaking ceremony for a mega power plant to produce a byproduct-hydrogen fuel cell for the first time in the world. This power plant is an eco-friendly facility of the future that converts chemical energy to electric energy when hydrogen reacts with oxygen.

Hydrogen fuel cell power generation is a method that generates electricity by extracting hydrogen, a byproduct of chemical processes from the petrochemical complex, and creating an electrochemical reaction with oxygen. This is the first mega fuel cell power generation plant that uses byproduct hydrogen in Korea as well as in the world. Hydrogen fuel cell power generation does not create nitrogen oxide(NOx), sulfur oxides(SOx), or fine dust when it generates electricity. It is an eco-friendly power generation facility because it filters ultrafine dust through micro-filters.

With this, Hanwha Energy can strengthen their position as a comprehensive energy provider by adding a hydrogen fuel cell power generation business to their existing business portfolio of energy and solar power generation.

5. [Hanwha Group] Held the final round of Hanwha Science Challenge 2018

The final round of the Science Challenge 2018, a challenge for science-gifted students to save the world, was held from August 21st to 23rd at Hanwha HRD Center.

This year was the eighth Science Challenge and each year the contest has used the same theme, “Saving the Earth”. The event requires outstanding creative ideas that can solve four different global issues. These four issues deal with how the earth and humanity can coexist. Since this challenge is the largest science competition in Korea for students gifted in science, a total of 1,248 students from 624 teams signed up. This year’s event set the record for attracting the largest number of participants.

The Group is providing support for the previous winners of the competition and opportunities to communicate with each other so that they can take on new challenges for their dreams with pride as Science Challenge winners. Until we have a Nobel Prize winner from among Hanwha Science Challenge winners, we continue cheer for all those science-gifted kids who are striving for their dreams for the future.

Headlines for September 2018
  1. 1. Hanwha Group - Announced 35,000 New Hires and 22 Trillion Won Investment over The Next Five Years
  2. 2. Hanwha Systems - Hanwha Systems - Hanwha S&C Merged to Become Hanwha Systems
  3. 3. Hanwha Group - Opened the DreamPlus online platform, a group’s social contribution brand of human resource development
  4. 4. Hanwha Energy - Held a Groundbreaking Ceremony of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Plant in Daesan
  5. 5. Hanwha Group - Held the final round of Hanwha Science Challenge 2018
Headlines for August 2018

Headlines for August 2018


1. [Hanwha Group] Presented an Exemplary Case for UN Sustainable Development

The Hanwha Solar Forest, the Hanwha Group’s anti-desertification project for growing eco-friendly forests was introduced at the UN headquarters in New York on July 17th. The project was presented as an exemplary case of sustainable development through corporate partnership. UN-affiliated groups and NGOs that have been emphasizing the topic of sustainable development also attended the event.

Since 2011, Hanwha has been carrying out the Hanwha Solar Forest campaign through a sponsorship with a social enterprise, Tree Planet, to grow forests. Through this campaign, they have planted 490,000 trees on 1,330,000 square meters of land, or about 180 soccer fields, in Korea, China, and Mongolia.

While growing forests in the desert in Ningxia, China, the Group pruned young trees by donating a 80kw solar power generating facility. It was the first time in the world that solar was used for anti-desertification. The idea came from the paradox that they had to burn fossil fuel to prune young trees. The case was then introduced at a conference of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). It was another reason to consider Hanwha to the number one global solar energy company.

The Hanwha Solar Forest campaign has planted six forests in China, Mongolia, and Korea. It is going to plant a forest for preventing fine dust in Incheon, Korea later this year. As the number one solar company in the world, the Group will continue to lead in solving growing climate change and environmental problems as they fulfill their social responsibilities.

2. [Hanwha Corporation] Ranked 244th on Fortune Global 500

Fortune, the world’s oldest and most renowned economics magazine, selects the top 500 global companies every year. And this ranking is used by many people in the world to estimate a corporation’s worth. Since placing 321st in 2011, Hanwha has continued its climb and reached the 244th place this year. We are pleased to announce that this is two steps up from last year.

Hanwha Corporation’s continuous growth was credited to an upgraded business structure and other strategic investments to strengthen its competitiveness with the global standard since 2014. Through a strategic business restructuring, the company selected defense, chemical, precision machinery, and solar as core businesses. After the financial crisis in late 2014, Hanwha corporation was able to strengthen its defense and chemical business portfolios thanks to the success of the largest voluntary “big deals” between Hanwha and other companies.

As Hanwha Corporation establishes its position in the global market, the company will continue to innovate in order to be evaluated as a “leading global company”. Since the company’s status is improving as it grows, we look forward to seeing Hanwha Corporation grow even more as it tries to build the future the world expects.

3. [Hanwha Group] Introduced the New 2018 TV Commercial Campaign

The Group has delivered stories of those who live in this era with values such as passion, challenge, commitment, and confidence through its Flame campaign. These stories have touched many customers since 2015. Last month, the Group introduced the second series of Hanwha’s Flame campaign called and , the names of the Group’s CSR activities. These new campaigns are supposed to deliver the message that Hanwha is a company that fulfills its social responsibilities and is an important supporter of the world and society.

These commercial campaigns follow the commercial series presented during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, which delivered a message that everyone who runs towards their dreams is precious. These new campaigns are strengthening the Group’s interests in new renewable energy and creating jobs for young people.

Through the Happy Sunshine campaign, which is about sharing solar energy with our society, and Dream Plus campaign, which is about supporting young people’s dreams and their strong spirits, the Group wanted to present Hanwha’s image as a company that works with our society to make the world a better place to live.

We cheer for young people’s flame-like lives and offer support for our society’s sustainable growth. And we hope that all Hanwha members will take interest in Hanwha’s new commercial campaigns.

4. [Hanwha Aerospace] Participated in the Farnborough Airshow

The Farnborough Airshow is held in the U.K every even-numbered year. It is one of the major events in international aerospace and defense industries. The event is a great opportunity to introduce military and commercial aircraft to potential clients. This year, about 1,500 companies, including Hanwha Aerospace, from 52 countries participated in this display of the newest aircraft, aircraft engines, and many other aviation products.

During the show, Hanwha Aerospace displayed a F414 engine mock-up, a ship-to-ship engine, and aircraft engine parts. They received positive responses from Korean and international customers in part because they ran a chalet.

Moreover, the top management of the world top three aircraft engine manufacturers, GE, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls Royce visited the booth, and the top management of Hanwha Aerospace discussed the aircraft market and technology trends. Because of Hanwha Aerospace’s vision and the promotion of its competitive products, they agreed to strengthen the partnership and work together for new business opportunities.

Hanwha Aerospace plans to continue strengthening their global marketing effort not only through Farnborough Airshow but also through other major international airshows.

5. [Hanwha Affiliates] Held a Financial Assistance Agreement Ceremony for Job Creation Fund

The phrase “win-win growth” between large corporations and small and medium-sized companies is a hot topic these days. Hanwha has been fulfilling its win-win growth philosophy “Going Further Together”, and faithfully carrying out its social and economic responsibilities. As part of this, Hanwha held an agreement ceremony with seven affiliates and KDB Bank on July 28th to support a “Job Creation Fund for Win-Win Growth”.

Through the agreement, 30 billion won from Hanwha and 30 billion won from KDB were raised for the fund. And Hanwha’s partner companies can borrow money from KDB at a lower-than-market interest rate to overcome some of their financial difficulties.

Besides providing financial assistance to partner companies, Hanwha supports also our partners with education and technology, and by offering consulting services like process improvement and cost management programs, the Group helped partner companies improve their manufacturing processes, production cost, and quality competitiveness.

These supporting activities were well received by the partner companies because the programs provided actual help improving their business operations, an aspect that can be easily overlooked by small companies. We look forward to seeing more win-win growth partnerships and job creations through more diverse methods.

6. [Hanwha Life] Held the 18th Hanwha Life World Youth Go (Baduk) Championship

Hanwha Life has been holding ‘The World Youth Go (Baduk) Championship’ for 18 years. The championship holds an unmatched status as the gateway to becoming a professional Go player.

About 10,000 children participated in this year’s competition. After preliminary matches in 24 local areas throughout Korea, 272 children from nine countries, including Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, and Russia made it to the final rounds.

The Hanwha Life World Youth Go (Baduk) Championship attracted big shots from around the world. For the champion, a trophy with a scholarship of 10 million won was awarded. And for each category winner, a total of 27.5 million won in scholarships was awarded. After a fierce final match, 6th grade student Kim Seoung-gu from Jeonnong Elementary School won the title.

Hanwha Life plans to continue developing and nurturing children who love Go. We cheer for those talented children who are going to lead the future of Korean Go.

Headlines for August 2018
  1. 1. Hanwha Group - Presented an Exemplary Case for UN Sustainable Development
  2. 2. Hanwha Corporation - Ranked 244th on Fortune Global 500
  3. 3. Hanwha Group - Introduced the New 2018 TV Commercial Campaign
  4. 4. Hanwha Aerospace - Participated in the Farnborough Airshow
  5. 5. Hanwha Affiliates - Held a Financial Assistance Agreement Ceremony for Job Creation Fund
  6. 6. Hanwha Life - Held the 18th Hanwha Life World Youth Go (Baduk) Championship
Headlines for July 2018

Headlines for July 2018


1. [Hanwha Group] Held Hanwha Classic 2018

Hanwha Classic, which celebrated its 6th year, delivered another successful and beautiful performance of baroque music. Let’s take a look.

The Hanwha Classic 2018 was hosted by the Group on a beautifully decorated summer evening. Three performances were presented over three days at the Cheonan Arts Center and Seoul Arts Center respectively, starting on June 14th.

This year’s Hanwha Classic invited the English Concert, the best baroque orchestra group in England. They seek to remind the audience of the beauty of baroque music. Moreover, one of the world’s top three countertenors, Andreas Scholl, who shined during the performance of the English Concert, also took center stage

The Group will continue to raise the bar for classical music performances so that more people can enjoy culture& art and create unforgettable experiences as a part of the Hanwha’s social contribution activities.

2. [Hanwha Defense Affiliates] Participated in the world’s largest defense exhibition “Eurosatory”

Hanwha Corporation, Hanwha Systems, Hanwha Land Defense, and Hanwha Defense participated in the 2018 Eurosatory, the world’s largest defense exhibition, held in Paris from June 11th through 15th. They set up a booth to target the European market on a large scale.

The Group’s defense affiliates set up a combined booth that covered 444㎡ floor space, the largest booth in the exhibition. Each company’s main weapon systems and 40 models, including Chunmoo, an Electro-Optical Tracking System for vehicles, self-propelled artillery, and the Hybrid Biho were displayed and received a lot of attention from audiences.

The current display trend is using videos. The affiliates used seven 115 to 200-inch large screens to present Hanwha’s various defense competencies and actual footage of weapon systems in use, showcasing features such as mobility, firepower, guided weapons systems, and defense electronics.

We cheer for the Hanwha affiliates targeting the global market by providing competitive products and solutions.

3. [Hanwha Q CELLS] Signed an MOU for building solar farms at gas stations in Korea

On May 24th, Hanwha Q CELLS Korea signed an MOU with Korea Oil Station Association (KOSA), Dasstech, Jeonbuk Bank Ltd, Dongwon EnC Corp. for building solar farms at gas stations across Korea.

The MOU signing ceremony for a gas station solar farm project was held at Laon Convention Hotel in Daejeon. About 150 people including Cho Hyun-soo, CEO of Hanwha Q CELLS Korea, and the president of KOSA attended the ceremony.

The purpose of the MOU was to strengthen the cooperative relationship between Hanwha Q CELLS Korea and related parties for building solar farms on idle sites at gas stations throughout Korea. Based on the MOU, Hanwha Q CELLS Korea is going to supply solar modules and technological support, Dasstech for inverters, Jeonbuk Bank is going to be responsible for financing, and Dongwon EnC is going to build the facilities and provide maintenance.

By using idle sites in Korea, Hanwha Q CELLS Korea will continue to expand their business models in the market and contribute to supplying new, renewable energy.

4. [Hanwha Life] Was recognized as an outstanding call center by KSQI for seven consecutive years

Providing differentiated services is becoming more important in the life insurance industry. The call center in particular is a vital point among many other service points is the core of Hanwha Life Insurance. The company has also been focusing on improving the quality of the call center to achieve the highest level of customer service. Their efforts have been recognized by Korean Service Quality Index (KSQI) in 2018 and the call center has been selected as an outstanding call center for seven consecutive years. The 2018 KSQI Outstanding Call Center Certification ceremony was conducted by Korea Management Association Consulting (KMAC), and around 70 people including Jung Joo-sung, director of Customer Service Division at HLI, an executive of KMAC, and people from the call center of other companies attended the ceremony.

The company has continued to put their efforts toward the improvement of call center service quality by adopting an ARS, priority service for senior customers, and connecting to Telecommunication Relay Call Center for the deaf.

Looking to the future, Hanwha Life Insurance is going to secure their competitiveness through a customer-centered, differentiated call service quality. The company will continue improving personalized consulting services using the call center for customers.

5. [Hanwha Chemical & Hanwha Advanced Materials] Conducted 2018 research project reporting session

To become a creative and competent company, Hanwha Chemical R&D Center conducts a research project reporting session every year. Moreover, Hanwha Advanced Materials held a reporting session for the outcome of research projects for the first half of the year.

At this year’s progress reporting session, Kim Chang-bum, CEO of Hanwha Chemical, chief managers of each plant, and researchers involved in the projects attended in order to report results of research projects.

CEO Kim emphasized roles of the research center as a game changer through its development of differentiated and competitive technologies and through understanding market trends and competitors.

During the main session, participants had an opportunity to discuss the directions of research projects for the second half of the year and share each project’s performance report from the Lightweight Composite Materials Development Center, Electron Materials Development Center, and Solar Materials Development Center.

We look forward to seeing Hanwha Chemical and Hanwha Advanced Materials strengthen their R&D competitiveness and lead the market and the technology sector through high-level research.

Headlines for July 2018
  1. 1. Hanwha Group - Held Hanwha Classic 2018
  2. 2. Hanwha Defense Affiliates - Participated in the world’s largest defense exhibition “Eurosatory”
  3. 3. Hanwha Q CELLS - Signed an MOU for building solar farms at gas stations in Korea
  4. 4. Hanwha Life - Was recognized as an outstanding call center by KSQI for seven consecutive years
  5. 5. Hanwha Chemical & Hanwha Advanced Materials - Conducted 2018 research project reporting session
Headlines for June 2018

Headlines for June 2018


1. [Hanwha Life] Held the 2018 Annual Awards Ceremony

The Annual Awards Ceremony, a ceremony that honors the effort and passion of those FPs who have accomplished outstanding results during the year, celebrated its 34th year. This year’s ceremony was held at Kintex.

When the Group acquired the company back in 2002, the total asset value of HLI was only 29 trillion won. But the company has achieved remarkable growth, holding a total asset value of 110.3 trillion won as of February this year. The company is evaluated as a top-class company, not only for its sizable growth, but also for its stability and profitability.

Meanwhile, Chairman Kim expressed his appreciation to those FPs who played leading roles in achieving outstanding results. He also gave a warm and encouraging message that increasing ‘our passion by one degree’ will certainly be able to touch the customers.

The recipient of the Queen Award, the highlight of this ceremony, was also announced. The award went to Jung Mi-kyung, who has won the award 10 times and for eight consecutive years.

Unprecedented sales performance and FPs’ passion to satisfy customers are continuing. We support the FPs who are the energetic drivers of young Hanwha. We congratulate again those winners.

2. [Hanwha Group] Established a branch office in Washington D.C.

The Group established a branch office in Washington D.C., taking one step closer to becoming a global defense company and targeting the biggest defense market in the world, the U.S. Washington D.C. is a place of action for people in defense industries around the world. It is an ideal location to conduct businesses with governments and with global aviation and defense companies.

Through the opening of the branch office in Washington D.C., the Group is now able to conduct business more effectively. The five Hanwha defense companies have already begun searching for exploring cooperative business opportunities with other global defense companies.

The new branch office will be managed by the vice president, Bernard Champoux, who was hired last year. In his speech at the opening, Mr. Champoux said that the U.S. is the largest defense market, but it has been blocked by a high barrier. He said he was confident, however, that the establishment of the new branch office in D.C. would create many opportunities for Hanwha.

The Group is planning to increase revenue from its defense affiliates to 12 trillion won by 2025 by entering the U.S. market and becoming one of the top-10 global defense companies.

3. [Hanwha Group] Held 2018 WITH (Workplace in tomorrow Hanwha) conference

The Group continuously strives to embrace the changing organizational culture of ‘Young Hanwha’ and make Hanwha ‘A great company to work for’. Hence, the Group held the 2018 WITH conference and shared outstanding cases of organizational culture improvement activities that reflected the unique characteristics of each business. And the award was given to an outstanding case.

The WITH conference began in 2014 to propose a roadmap for the professional growth of talented female employees. But the conference expanded its original purpose and became ‘Hanwha, where diversity is respected’ in 2015, and ‘establishment of young and future oriented organizational culture’ in 2017.

The 4th WITH conference was held to establish a new organizational culture and create ‘A great company to work for’ by sharing and conducting activities to build a culture that reflects each business’ unique environment and characteristics.

The Group is planning to provide continuous support to the WITH conference so that it doesn’t remain as only a one-time event, but it becomes an event that contributes greatly to changing the organizational culture from a long-term stand point. We hope that everyone from the working level to the top management takes active role in the movement to make Hanwha a great company to work for.

4. [Hanwha Corporation] Received the Achievement Award at the KLPGA 40th Year Anniversary

The Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) has a history of supporting women golfers who have displayed their passion and met challenges in Korea and abroad. The association held a ceremony to celebrate its 40th anniversary, and Hanwha Corporation was honored to receive the achievement award at the event in recognition of the company’s efforts in the development of women’s professional golf in Korea.

Hanwha Corporation, recipient of the achievement award, announced that they will take this award as a directive to continue to support the development of Korean women’s golf. And the company promised to create an environment where rising stars in Korean women’s golf can become world-class players.

The Hanwha Q CELLS Golf Team, which was re-launched this year with a new name, had a total of 22 wins, 11 wins from the LPGA and 8 wins, from the KLPGA since the team’s establishment in 2011. Notably, they had a total of 10 wins from the top three major tournaments in Korea, the U.S., and Japan. We cheer for the Hanwha Q CELLS Golf Team and all other Korean women golfers that have surprised the world with their persistent effort and willingness to take on challenges.

5. [Hanwha Defense Affiliates] Invited foreign military attachés to visit Hanwha facilities

The Ministry of Defense is carrying out a national security inspection for foreign military attachés. They visited military security sites and defense industry facilities. On May 15th, foreign military attachés and their families visited the Hanwha Land Defense and Hanwha Defense Changwon Plant to witness the Korean defense industry in action.

With a request from the Ministry of Defense, 28 foreign military attachés and their family members, representing 26 countries including the U.S., Germany, and Philippines, were invited. Shin Hyun-woo, CEO of Hanwha Aerospace gave a welcoming speech. His speech was followed by an introduction of products, a factory tour, and product demonstrations.

The foreign military attachés looked around the automated production lines of Hanwha Defense and Hanwha Land Defense. And they observed first-hand world-class defense technology, and various products. Moreover, the company prepared puzzles that were made with K9 BIHO (Self-propelled Anti-Aircraft Defense System) images and hand-made chocolates with printed images of the defense affiliates’ main products.

With this visit as momentum, we hope that Hanwha’s defense technology, which represents Korea’s defense industry, continues to expand its presence in the world.

Headlines for June 2018
  1. 1. Hanwha Life - Held the 2018 Annual Awards Ceremony
  2. 2. Hanwha Group - Established a branch office in Washington D.C.
  3. 3. Hanwha Group - Held 2018 WITH (Workplace in tomorrow Hanwha) conference
  4. 4. Hanwha Corporation - Received the Achievement Award at the KLPGA 40th Year Anniversary
  5. 5. Hanwha Defense Affiliates - Invited foreign military attachés to visit Hanwha facilities
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