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Hanwha Defense Systems

Established in 1937, Hanwha Defense Systems provides comprehensive defense solutions. Our superior production and technology enable us to provide infantry fighting vehicles, air defense weapons, guided weapons, launching systems, high-precision navigation, and laser weapons. We became an affiliate of the Hanwha Group in 2016. We are accelerating to become a global top-tier company.

KVLS: Korean Vertical Launching System

We began supplying weapons systems to the South Korean military beginning with the K200, an Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) built independently and commercialized in South Korea. Since then, we've also developed the CHUNMA (our flagship surface-to-air guided system), BIHO (an air defense weapon), K21 Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV), and CHUNMU (a multiple rocket launcher). We have exported K200 to Malaysia in 1993, marking our first success in large-scale overseas exports by a South Korean defense company. In 2007, using our original technology, we developed K21 a vehicle that could operate on water. Recently, we developed Hybrid BIHO (an air defense weapon) and Black Fox (a wheeled armored vehicle) —marketing them worldwide including the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Using K200 as the base, we've produced more than seven specialized infantry fighting vehicle models: the K277 (for command post), K281/K242 (mortar-equipped), K216 (aka CBR - Chemical, Biological, and Radiological), K288 (rescue), K221 (smoke grenade launchers), and more. Since 2009, we have produced K21, a world-class IFV with improved firepower, survivability, and maneuverability for high-speed operation. K21 coordinates with main tanks for excellent maneuverability, supports firepower for infantry that alight from vehicles, and can suppress anti-air targets that infiltrate with low speed and altitude. It is only one of our many armored vehicles that is powered with a water-driving device.

For air defense, we provide solutions with a lineup of optimized weapons, including the VULCAN (for armored vehicles, towing, and warships), the NOBONG (a warship gun), the BIHO, the CHUNMA, and the Hybrid BIHO. Our air defense weapon on the BIHO can strike closing airplanes with direct fire and be used in various air defense operations such as mechanized unit protection. CHUNMA is South Korea's first surface-to-air guided system, an effective weapons system against low-altitude aerial threats to protect major core facilities. Mass-produced since 2015, our Hybrid BIHO can significantly improve the anti-air defense system of the South Korean armed forces by combining the strengths of the 30mm dual-throttle and guided missiles with the conventional weapons mounted on the BIHO. It also effectively provides better defense with excellent maneuver capability. Equipped with high-performance radar and electro optic tracking system, Hybrid BIHO is the latest weapons system capable of self-targeting detection and tracking.

Hanwha Defense Systems is exceptionally competitive at producing a range of launching systems that require comprehensive technology and experience, including launching platforms, command and fire control systems, ammunition systems, and ammunition carrier vehicles. Our flagship system is the multiple rocket launcher CHUNMOO. Along with Hybrid BIHO, the CHUNMOO was co-developed with a partner's R&D. It is an effective weapons system that can secure early tactical advantage by identifying attack origins and key targets quickly and accurately without damaging forces outside the enemy target range. We also produce more than 40 launching systems. Our land launchers include the CHUNGOONG that can effectively eliminate enemy threats at medium altitudes. Our Blue Shark is a launcher that can be mounted on a ship to launch torpedoes. The HAESUNG, is a ship-to-ship guided missile launcher that can precisely strike enemy ships from 150-km away.

Hanwha Defense Systems is South Korea's premier defense company. Through hard work and strong R&D investments, we are also becoming a leader in the global defense industry with reliable defense solutions. - We've created synergy with our affiliates among Hanwha Corporation's Defense Division, Hanwha Techwin, and Hanwha Systems. Together, we will develop comprehensive defense systems that transform Hanwha into a top ten global defense company.

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