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Hanwha City Development

Hanwha City Development

Hanwha City Development has been recognized as the leading private developer of high-tech industrial complexes since its establishment in 2001. Starting with success in Daedeok Techno Valley, additional projects followed such as the Asan Techno Valley project (2,984,000㎡ , 300 enterprises, 8,000 households), the Seosan Techno Valley project (1,994,000㎡ , 200 enterprises, 6,000 households), the Gimhae Techno Valley project (1,643,000㎡ , 200 enterprises), and the Gyeonggi Hwaseong Bio Valley project (1,745,000㎡ , 200 enterprises). Each completed project stood out as an achievement and garnered high praise. The projects are considered exemplary development models and not surprisingly, they have been benchmarked by several local governments.

Encouraged by these achievements, we’ve made further investments for the future, breaking ground on the Yongin Techno Valley project in 2015. There is high anticipation Yongin Techno Valley will be an industrial complex that will be home to many R&D centers, companies, and startups in IT, fusion technology, and in other areas of technology. When completed in 2020, the industrial complex is expected to play an important role as the center of the industrial belt, south of Seoul.

We’re also building for the future of our local economies. The Siheung Recycling Industrial Complex will help revitalize the local economy by improving industrial environments, attracting businesses, and creating local jobs.

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