A circular economy that facilitates efficient and eco-friendly use of resources is now a pressing global priority. In response, Hanwha is taking the lead in fast-tracking carbon neutrality and promoting a sustainable infrastructure that dramatically reduces carbon emissions by manufacturing green essential materials. We are also expanding investment in and development of innovative technologies as we continue to advance our eco-friendly and high-value-added chemical businesses, including recycling waste plastics and eco-friendly bioplastics.

Hanwha's sustainable technologies for a better future

Hanwha Solutions
Plastics–to–Chemical technology
Plastic recycling technology
Eco–friendly energy management
technology for data centers
Hanwha Corporation/
(as a means of hydrogen storage
and transportation)
Silicon gas for semiconductor
and secondary battery processes
Hanwha Impact
Convergent technologies
Genetic engineering,
biopharmaceuticals, data
storage and utilization

Business Highlights

VALUE-ADDED MATERIALS Bolstering eco–friendly energy and core materials
HUS-based REC Silicon plants produce special gas for semiconductors and polysilicon, key components of eco-friendly energy.

REC Silicon plant

Hanwha is also promoting future business in fine and inorganic chemicals by upgrading its existing model and improving its fundamentals. Hanwha Corporation/Global continues to discover and create high value–added businesses that provide energy sources, including hydrogen and ammonia required to make eco–friendly energy and materials necessary for semiconductor and secondary battery processes. By investing in REC Silicon, with US plants that produce special gas for semiconductor as well as polysilicon, we are expanding our business into high value–added core industrial materials.

ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS Solutions for business, people, and the environment
Hanwha's Plastics-to-Chemical (PTC) technology and eco-friendly materials research is helping establish a global circular economy.

ECO–DEHCH , XDI, Eco-DEHCH (from left to right)

One of the world’s most pressing priorities is to create and adopt an eco-friendly global circular economy that facilitates efficient and sustainable use of the Earth’s limited resources. Developing eco-friendly technology and high-value products is an important part of this. To address the issue of plastics, Hanwha is breathing new life into the material through our Plastics–to–Chemical (PTC) technology, which enables continuous recycling by extracting naphtha from waste plastics and reproducing them into basic raw materials through core catalysts and process technologies. We will also continue our research into materials such as ECO–DEHCH, an eco-friendly premium plasticizer, as well as with research into biodegradable and bio-based plastics and carbon molecular sieves.

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