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The most basic things in life often remain unseen. Just as water in our bodies forms the basis of life, petrochemicals are vital foundations that drive our lives and industries.

And for more than half a century, Hanwha has committed itself to creating these vital foundations for life and industry and emerged as Korea’s No.1 and one of the world’s top-tier petrochemical companies.

Hanwha’s petrochemical business is armed with sustainable competitiveness. By realizing economy of scale, Hanwha achieves stable supply and cost competitiveness in the production of ethylene and other chemical feedstock.

Hanwha’s petrochemical business encompasses diverse and extensive product lines. From a diversified feedstock portfolio across refined oil, basic petrochemicals, and synthetic materials to advanced materials, Hanwha offers extensive choices along a complete value chain.

Hanwha’s petrochemical business is on the cutting edge. With industry leading technology for petrochemical products, advanced materials, and eco-friendly solar products., we are committed to constant innovation, with bold, ongoing investments in ground breaking research and development.

Providing vital foundations to build an enriching life and society. Innovative, yet sustainable solutions for businesses and the next generation. This is the value of petrochemicals Hanwha creates today.

Business in Focus

  • Top ranking
    Global Giant
    Petrochemical company
  • Ethylene
    3.82 Million tons/year
    Production capacity
  • EVA
    Global No.1
    Production capacity
  • W&C compound
  • Stryrene Monomer
    1.34 Million tons/year
    Production capacity
  • PTA
    2 Million tons /year
    Production capacity
  • Automotive thermoplastics
    70% GMT,LWRT
    Global market share
  • Legacy
    more than 50
    Years of history

Value-added Integration

World-class Products

W&C Compound W&C Compound was selected as a “World-class Product” in 2004
by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea.
Hanwha Chemical developed it for the first time in Korea in 1985
and started commercial production. Since then, the company was the third worldwide
to successfully produce 345kV XLPE cables.
EVA for Thermal Laminating Film EVA for Thermal Laminating Film was selected as a “World-class Product”
in 2009 by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea.
Hanwha’s EVA is a high value-added product that only a few
companies in the world can produce with state-of-the-art
technologies and equipment. EVA for Thermal Laminating Film,
developed and produced by Hanwha Chemical for the first time
in Korea thanks to its unrivalled technologies, is thinly coated on
film materials such as PET and OPP to protect
the materials and enhance heat adhesiveness and strength.
Solar Cell EVA Hanwha Chemical and Hanwha Total Petrochemical’s solar cell EVA was selected
as a “World-class Product” by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea,
achieving the global No.1 market share.
Hanwha Total Petrochemical enhanced its market leadership through quality innovation,
succeeding in the world’s first solar cell EVA commercial production
using tubular reactor polymerization.

Innovation in Materials

  1. Lightweight & Composite Materials
    Since 1986 when it made inroads into the auto parts business, the company has been providing a variety of
    high-strength and lightweight composite materials such as GMT, LWRT, and EPP based on its technological prowess in this area. By establishing overseas branches and manufacturing plants in Alabama and Virginia in the US, Beijing and Shanghai in China, and in Czech, the company has raised its company awareness as a global auto parts manufacturer and supplier. In 2007, the company set up the global network, by acquiring Azdel, a US-based thermoplastic composite maker.
  2. Electronics Materials
    Since 2003 when it made inroads into the area of FCCL, a core material for mobile phones, the company has contributed to developing related technologies, as well as domestically producing products in that area. It has also significantly raised the competitiveness of the domestic electronics industry. In 2012, the company expanded its business area into the TSP by successfully developing and manufacturing ITO films, a core material for TSP.
  3. Solar Materials
    In 2010, the company succeeded in domestically manufacturing EVA sheets, which protect solar cells and thereby took a significant role in the solar energy business, the Group's strategic business. The company aims to expand its production capacity to 100,000 tons by 2020 with the goal of raising its standing among the global top three players.

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  • manufacturing CHINA, CZECH REPUBLIC,
  • marketing & sales MEXICO, CHINA, GERMANY,

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