Offering digital financial solutions optimized for diverse lifestyles, Hanwha is generating sustainable prosperity and the growth of customers and society. We are focusing capabilities on proactively investing and advancing into tech–based financial services such as AI and big data. We expect to lead in digital financial innovation as we develop and operate a breakthrough digital platform and expand into a variety of new areas. In addition, we are continuing to support startups and young entrepreneurs to establish a healthy industry ecosystem that creates opportunities for mutual growth.

Hanwha's innovative customer value creation through digital financial services

Hanwha Life
Automated Claim System,
insurance wallet,
Onsure channel
Hanwha Life Vietnam
LIME Pro, Content-based lifestyle
financial solution app
Hanwha General Insurance
Smart Insu, Hanwha General Insurance’s app,
Carrot, South Korea’s first fully licensed
100% digital insurance carrier
Hanwha Asset
PINE fund marketplace app
for retail investors
Hanwha Investment
& Securities
SmartM app for asset management,
STEPS app for stock trading
Pinetree Securities
(Hanwha Investment
& Securities subsidiary in Vietnam)
Stock123 and AlphaTrading apps
for local investors in Vietnam

Business Highlights

Adding value across
digital financial services

As digital technologies such as Fintech accelerate, the financial industry is adjusting to unprecedented change. Hanwha Life is rapidly responding to such transformations by providing diversified financial solutions and innovative lifecare solutions powered by advanced technology. Our financial affiliates are creating a digital financial value chain that offers a wide range of services, from deal sourcing to product sales, so more people have easier and greater access to financial opportunities. We will lead the digital investment ecosystem by finding high–quality global investment assets at home and abroad, developing these into digital–based investment products and then selling them through such platforms as STEPS and PINE.

Hanwha Life offers diversified financial solutions.
  • INSURANCE SERVICE Seamless services for digitally savvy customers
    Insurance service-63 Hanwha Life Building

    63 Hanwha Life Building

    Building on our proud heritage as South Korea’s first life insurance company, Hanwha Life is scaling new heights as a leader in insurance services. With more than USD 100.06 billion in total assets in 2022, we continue to maintain a sound financial structure while offering a comprehensive portfolio of insurance products and services. Buttressed by our strong foundation and expertise as a trusted lifecare solutions provider, we are digitally adapting every aspect of our business to increase customer value. We offer select options, competitive products and services and strategic asset management to serve customers as a reliable partner for every life stage. Hanwha General Insurance provides a variety of customer–oriented digital services. We are also focusing on Fintech and innovative platform investments for strategic expansion of healthcare businesses. In addition, we provide live video chat services, the first in the industry, to help digitally vulnerable customers, such as the elderly and residents in remote areas. With our 2019 launch of Carrot, South Korea’s first fully licensed 100% digital insurance carrier, we are further strengthening our competitiveness by promoting new digital businesses.
  • LIFEPLUS & DREAMPLUS Enriching finances and services for life’s journey
    DREAMPLUS innovation center

    DREAMPLUS Innovation Center

    Hanwha created LIFEPLUS, a joint brand of Hanwha financial companies. With the core value of Holistic Wellness, we designed the brand to provide customers with healthier and more balanced lifestyles. By building on the four essentials of an abundant life: financial, physical, mental and inspirational wellness, we are promoting the brand with a series of campaigns. Debuting at life–enhancing festivals and events we host, high–quality LIFEPLUS products and programs are designed to guide customers to an ideal balance of financial security, positive change and growth. Likewise, in 2014, we launched DREAMPLUS, the Hanwha Life open innovation platform and startup accelerator, to create value and hope through collaborative connectivity. We have provided various startup support programs through innovation centers at home and abroad. Moving forward, we plan to create new growth opportunities by cooperating with startups, innovation platforms and entrepreneurs, such as fostering an ecosystem for the Web 3.0 era.
  • FINTECH Accelerating growth by fast–tracking digital
    Fintech-Hanwha Asset Management’s PINE app

    Hanwha Asset Management’s PINE app

    Hanwha is strategically applying AI and big data technologies to provide seamless customer experiences and generate sustainable growth. In order to further enhance our digital competitiveness, we are developing and operating innovative digital platforms, such as the LIFEPLUS marketing platform, PINE, general agency solutions and future sales platforms. We are also moving beyond traditional financial services to explore new horizons and expand into new areas, such as fractional share trading, alternative investments and healthcare. Going forward, we will not only enhance investment asset management with more advanced Fintech, but also offer noteworthy new financial experiences for our customers.
Expanding globally,
focusing locally

Hanwha's financial business is accelerating across pan–Asian markets, including Vietnam, China, Indonesia and Singapore, and also diversifying from previous locations, including in the US. Hanwha Investment & Securities launched a Singapore subsidiary in 2020 following its Vietnam subsidiary opening in 2019. In addition, Hanwha Asset Management is actively pursuing global strategies by utilizing overseas business bases in Singapore, the US and China. Hanwha will emerge as a financial services leader for the diverse lifestyle needs of local customers by providing a variety of cutting–edge digital solutions. Our top priority is to serve local customers as we rev growth engines in worldwide markets.

Global Business-Hanwha’s financial business operates in Asia and the US.

Key Affiliates

Our Global Footprint

Global FootPrint


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