Hanwha’s Year in Review 2023

December 19, 2023 (KST)
Hanwha celebrates the end of 2023 by recapping its sustainable and innovative achievements across all business sectors.

In 2023, Hanwha demonstrated that the planet's future starts with us. The company expanded its ongoing commitment to sustainability this year, charting innovative paths for growth and forging new partnerships across multiple sectors. From the launch of Hanwha Ocean to numerous advancements in clean energy, let's revisit the stories that defined Hanwha's past year and shed light on the importance of sustainability in building a better world for everyone.

Top 7 Most Viewed Stories and Series of 2023

As the world embarked on a race to net zero, Hanwha recognized that there was no “one size fits all” solution to the global energy crisis — each country requires a tailored approach as unique as its citizens. That’s why, in 2023, the company took a comprehensive approach to the energy transition with restorative innovations and flexible solutions that span the entire value chain.

This year, Hanwha pioneered efforts in sustainable energy development, from advancements in hydrogen energy to energy storage systems (ESS), emphasizing its role in propelling the world towards a greener future. The company also planted its 10th Hanwha Solar Forest, accompanied by a pledge to the World Economic Forum's 1t.org to create 20 Solar Forests by 2030. Seeking to highlight the key components in the journey to decarbonization, Hanwha Newsroom released a two-part feature series, “A New Era of Energy,” featuring an interview with professor Knut Einar Rosendahl from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). The company also celebrated the launch of Hanwha Ocean, marking a monumental moment in shipbuilding and marine energy solutions.

Beyond energy, Hanwha Solutions also received Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification for all stages of its rPE supply chain, spotlighting the potential of rPE to transform the current plastics ecosystem. Throughout the year, CEOs from Hanwha Aerospace, Hanwha Qcells, and Hanwha Life also shared their company vision through the "Envisioning the Future" series.

Read on to explore Hanwha’s most engaging moments of 2023 and how the company is proactively shaping a more sustainable world.

Explore the Top 7 Stories and Series of 2023

Editor’s Picks for 2023

Hanwha Newsroom is also presenting its top Editor's Picks for 2023. In the energy sector, Hanwha pioneered advancements in hydrogen-to-gas turbine technology (H2GT), achieving a record-breaking 60% hydrogen co-firing rate in a medium-to-large-size gas turbine. The company also made history with the largest United States community solar partnership to date between Hanwha Qcells and Summit Ridge Energy. At the Paris Air Show, Hanwha Aerospace and Hanwha Systems highlighted their strengths as technical innovators both in the skies and in space, while in Indonesia, Hanwha Life acquired Lippo General Insurance to further expand its global reach.

Hanwha also found many ways to contribute to communities this year, such as partnering with the Centre Pompidou to establish a new cultural landmark in Seoul in 2025. Using its media façade, Hanwha Galleria broadcast its support for World Autism Awareness Day and Earth Hour, as well as expressing solidarity for those affected by the earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria.

From fintech and life insurance to renewable energy, learn more about Hanwha’s 2023 accomplishments with a hand-picked selection of the year’s top stories and achievements.

Explore the Editor’s Picks of 2023

Charting the Path Ahead

Every day, Hanwha strives to impact the planet through bold innovation and transformative solutions. By delivering a comprehensive portfolio of clean energy solutions, developing real alternatives for aging infrastructure, and exploring new ways to give back to global communities, Hanwha is forging a transformative path that both combats climate change and paves the way for a resilient, sustainable future.

As Hanwha reflects on another exciting year, it is also important to acknowledge that the work is far from finished. In 2024 and beyond, Hanwha will continue to foster sustainable solutions for people and the planet.


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